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SMG Curated Content V03

This short article provides an overview of financial management, its objectives and functions. It includes links to a range of related articles.

Strategic planning

This short video provides a clear explanation of the meaning of strategic planning and the strategic planning process.

This short article discusses the importance of a culture of connectedness at work. It defines workplace affiliation.

What is coaching

This short video defines coaching and how it is different from counselling and mentoring. It also outlines the qualities of a good coach.

This article outlines the four stages in the GROW model of coaching and provides an example of the model in action.

Leader's guide to delegating

This video outlines a five step process for effective delegation.

10 common mistakes in giving feedback

Clear and concise advice on often overlooked subtleties of giving feedback. Immediately useable and practical guidelines.

The Center for Creative Leadership developed this SBI Feedback tool to help managers deliver clear, specific feedback. Easy to use 3 steps.

Four questions to help manage poor performance

Four questions you can ask to help you diagnose or understand the root of poor performance.

This article outlines four approaches companies can use to spur innovation. It is the result of the analysis of the progression of 5,000 ideas in a global IT firm, combined with the experiences and knowledge of academics and industry leaders.

This short article provides guidance on how to get the right people for team flexibility and how to establish the team so that flexibility is enhanced.

This article provides clear and concise information about the four key behaviours of high impact leaders and drills down to 10 specific behaviours for building high performing teams.

This article provides clear and concise information about what strategic thinking really is and outlines four critical questions to ask when engaging in the process.

This short blog discusses the rapid rise in innovation and the challenges this poses for the higher education sector.

Practical guide to planning and implementing rapid change in a university environment. Written by a deputy vice chancellor at Abertay University.

A short article by Dr Janet Fitzell, on the Professionals Australia website, it defines change fatigue and its causes and symptoms. It also provides advice on how to reduce the risk of change fatigue when implementing change and how to deal with your own feelings of change fatigue.

Outlines the impact of change fatigue and offers advice on practical things you can do to tackle your own change fatigue.

This article defines resilience, discusses the importance of resilience for both individuals and organisations, the benefits of resilience and outlines the characteristics of resilient people.

A practical guide to planning stakeholder communication. Includes links to a planning worksheet and a stakeholder analysis process.

Strategies for managing stakeholders

In this short video by the Institute for Corporate Ethics, R. Edward Freeman from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, outlines four strategies for managing stakeholder relationships.

This short article discusses the benefits of leaders influencing without relying on authority. It outlines eight 'portals' or ways to influence without authority and three guidelines for doing so.

Managing up

This short video provides tips on 'managing up', i.e. managing your relationship with your boss.

Organisational silos and subcultures sometimes serve a useful purpose. However, they are not useful when they act as a barrier to information exchange and cooperation. This article from the Victorian Public Sector Commission offers some practical steps you can take to break down unhelpful cultural silos. It is part of a series of articles on organisational culture.

This short blog article from the CEO Institute outlines 5 key questions to help break down organisational silos.

This short article discusses the benefits of employee engagement. It outlines lessons learned from organisations with high levels of employee engagement.