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Autism Resources and Organizations

A list of organizations who offer multiple national services and resources as well as other national resources for products, information, community and advocacy for Autism and related disorders on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Some of these wil enable you to dig deeper into resources by the state, or will lead you to other resources. The goals of this list is to put together one location in which parents, OT's, special education teachers and other's concerned with children with autism can go to learn and get direction. We have other lists on stores for sensory or sensory resources, weighted blankets etc. We have included other resources that provide information by where you live aka localities - this is neither. It's for the national, easily accessible, and/or wider range of autism resources as well as national organizations.

Autism Source by the Autism Society of America

A project of the Autism Society of America and several of its regional independent affiliates, Autism source is a search mechanism to find resources in your area by broad areas of specialty. Search nationwide autism-related services and supports by location or service type. There are literally thousands of resources within the data base.

The Autism Source also offer free access to trained professional vis phone seven days a week. 800-3-AUTISM (800-328-8476)

When you enter the data bank you can enter in general information to narrow the search such as:

Program Name or Keyword Search

  • Zip code:
  • Within: (dropdown) miles

To narrow search:

  • State:
  • City:
  • County:
  • Org Type:
  • Language Spoken

The types of services you may search are:

  • Academic Supports
  • Assistive Technology
  • Autism Society Affiliate (Chapter)
  • Camps and Recreation
  • Community Supports for Adults
  • Consultant
  • Crisis/Crime Victim Services
  • Diagnostic
  • Dentist
  • Early Intervention
  • Faith Community Services
  • Government Agency
  • Information and Support
  • Legal/Advocacy
  • Mental Health Professional
  • Other Medical Services
  • Physician
  • Private/Non-Public School
  • Public School System
  • Related Services (Therapists)
  • Research
  • Residential
  • Respite Services
  • Service Provider
  • Training
  • State Key Resources
  • State Profiles
Resource Guide by Autism Speaks

A project of Autism Speaks, click on your state and the page will refresh and all the listings in that state will appear. Once you click on a category, you will be asked to enter a zip code in the state you picked. After you enter your zip code and hit the enter key, a map of all the listings of that category in the state will appear.

Home | Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks was founded in February 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of a child with autism. Their longtime friend Bernie Marcus donated $25 million to help financially launch the organization. Since then, Autism Speaks has grown into a leading autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to

  • funding research into the causes,
  • prevention,
  • treatments and a cure for autism;
  • increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and
  • advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.

Their Mission re-iterates their goals of funding research for prevention and treatment alongside of advocacy:

"We are dedicated to funding global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a possible cure for autism. We strive to raise public awareness about autism and its effects on individuals, families, and society: and we work to bring hope to all who deal with the hardships of this disorder. We are committed to raising the funds necessary to support these goals.

Autism Speaks aims to bring the autism community together as one strong voice to urge the government and private sector to listen to our concerns and take action to address this urgent global health crisis. It is our firm belief that, working together, we will find the missing pieces of the puzzle."

The site does have a lot of lists of direct resources and guides to help parents, caregivers, patients and providers under the following:Adults with Autism

  • Asperger Syndrome
  • Assistive Technology
  • Autism Apps
  • Autism Info
  • Bereavement and Grief Resources
  • Blogs
  • Books
  • Catalogs of Products
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Epilepsy & Autism
  • Family Grant Opportunities
  • Films About Autism
  • Health Insurance
  • Magazines & Newsletters
  • Manuals & Toolkits
  • Online Learning Tools and Software
  • Online TV & Audio Tools
  • Other Autism Organizations
  • Postsecondary Education Resources
  • Religious Resources
  • Safety Products
  • Sensory Tools & Products
  • Spanish Materials
  • Tools For Professionals
  • Toys & Games
  • Video Tools & DVD's
  • Visual Tools
  • Websites for Families

Autism Response Team
Autism Response Team (ART) members are specially trained to connect families with information, resources and opportunities. They are available to answer calls and emails from 9am to 1pm local time.
(888) 288-4762
En Español
(888) 772-9050

MSSNG - DNA database by Google and Autism Speaks

MSSNG is a groundbreaking collaboration between Google and Autism Speaks to create the world’s largest genomic database on autism.

By sequencing the DNA of over 10,000 families affected by autism, MSSNG will answer the many questions we still have about the disorder.

T​hanks to the Google Cloud, this vast sea of information will be made accessible for free to researchers everywhere. The greatest minds in science from around the world will be able to study trillions of data points in one single database. Our pilot program of 1,000 whole genomes has led to new discoveries about the disorder. With over 10,000 whole genomes and the help of the global science community we can far outreach what has been accomplished so far. MSSNG will identify many subtypes of autism, which may lead to more personalized and more accurate treatments. For questions about MSSNG, please contact us at or call (646) 385-8593..

In order to raise funds and awareness for the project, they have created 10,000 unique posters (one of a kind each) for only $39.95 each. (one shown above via science.mic) Each sample represents a different volume of DNA, crystallized over different periods of time and photographed at microscopic levels.

For researchers:

MSSNG is a groundbreaking collaboration between Autism Speaks, Google and the research community to create the world’s largest genomic database on autism. MSSNG’s goal is to provide the best resources to enable the identification of many subtypes of autism, which may lead to better diagnostics, as well as personalized and more accurate treatments

The first phase of MSSNG is to complete and make data available from the whole genome sequencing of blood DNA (minimum 30x high-quality coverage) of 10,000 individuals from families from the Autism Genetic Research Exchange (AGRE) repository, or from other well-phenotyped cohorts entering into this study. The MSSNG database, built using the Google Cloud Platform and Google Genomics, intends to make its data as useful and widely accessible to researchers as possible, including supporting access to local compute and storage resources, and providing genomic exploration tools for standard and custom analyses. Whole genome sequences and their annotations and phenotype data will be continually added to MSSNG with different levels and portals of access to researchers. Key leaders of MSSNG are David Glazer (Google), Rob Ring (Autism Speaks) and Stephen Scherer (SickKids Hospital and University of Toronto). MSSNG’s philosophy is to promote and enable ‘open science’ research to lead to a better understanding of autism. To learn how to gain access to MSSNG, please contact us at or call (646) 385-8593.

Autism Society

The Autism Society, the nation’s leading grassroots autism organization, exists to improve the lives of all affected by autism. They do this by increasing public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocating for appropriate services for individuals across the lifespan, and providing the latest information regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy.

Founded in 1965 by Dr. Bernard Rimland, Dr. Ruth Sullivan and many other parents of children with autism, the Autism Society is the leading source of trusted and reliable information about autism. Through its strong national network of affiliates, the Autism Society has spearheaded numerous pieces of state and local legislation, including the 2006 Combating Autism Act, the first federal autism-specific law. The Autism Society’s website is one of the most visited websites on autism in the world and its quarterly journal, Autism Advocate, has a broad national readership.

The Autism Society also hosts a comprehensive national conference on autism, attended by 2,000 people each year. Our Information and Referral team, our program staff and our strong affiliate presence in states and communities throughout the country serve thousands of families each year who are searching for help in their journey with autism.

They promote the National Autism Awareness Month every year (this year as #NAAM2016 )

Unlike other national organizations, the Autism Society of America has affiliates in each state that are their own unique non-profits and operate together but independently.

The National Autism Association

Since 2003, the National Autism Association has created and implemented direct-assistance programs for the growing number of families affected by autism. Along with these services, NAA provides autism research funding, ongoing advocacy, support and education.

Because they are a parent-led non-profit organization, our objectives and resources center on:

  • Strengthening autism families by providing support in areas of greatest need, such as safety, therapy and medical services
  • Providing our members and community with the latest information pertaining to research, education, legislation, safety, and therapy and treatment trends
  • Funding impactful research studies aimed at real progress for our children
  • Raising awareness about the autism epidemic
  • Although autism affects more children than any other childhood disorder, it is still the least funded. As awareness increases about autism, our hope is that resources will also increase. Until that time, we will continue to expand our programs so that we may provide support to as many autism families as possible.

Their primary programs are:

Helping Hand Program

The Helping Hand Program provides families with financial assistance in getting necessary medical treatments, lab testing, physician-recommended supplements and therapies for their child with autism. This program does not provide funding for iPads, camp tuition, respite care, fencing, trampolines, swingsets, trips to Disney World, etc.

Funding is extremely limited. This program is intended ONLY for parents in DIRE financial need. Do not apply if your annual net income exceeds $50,000. Helping Hand grants are one-time grants, previous recipients may not re-apply.

Big Red Safety Box/FOUND (currently unavailable)
NAA’s Big Red Safety Box includes the following resources:

  • Be REDy Booklet containing the following educational materials and tools:
  • A caregiver checklist
  • A Family Wandering Emergency Plan
  • A first-responder profile form
  • A wandering-prevention brochure
  • A sample IEP Letter
  • A Student Profile Form
  • Two (2) GE Wireless Door/Window Alarms with batteries
  • One (1) RoadID Personalized, Engraved Shoe ID Tag*
  • Five (5) Adhesive Stop Sign Visual Prompts for doors and windows
  • Two (2) Safety Alert Window Clings for car or home windows
  • One (1) Red Safety Alert Wristband

Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit
NAA’s Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit® includes:

  • Printed educational materials and tools in our BeREDy booklet for teachers
  • Four (4) Door/Window Alarms including batteries – generously donated by Jasco Products.
  • Five (5) Laminated Adhesive Stop Sign Visual Prompts for doors and windows

Give A Voice
The intent of NAA’s Give A Voice program is to provide communication devices to individuals with autism who are non-verbal or minimally verbal, and whose communication challenges put them at increased risk of injury or harm.
We have very limited funding for this program. Every application is carefully reviewed and all information submitted is verified by NAA staff. This program is intended for families who are in dire need of financial assistance and are otherwise unable to attain a communication device.giveavoiceingripcase
AT_Logo-composit-OverlapGripCase_G_CLR_button_3DNAA’s Give A Voice Program will provide qualifying individuals with an assistive communication device including:

  • A 16GB Apple® iPad® Mini (WiFi version)
  • AppleCare+ Protection Plan
  • Avatalker AAC Augmentative and Alternative Communication Software app
  • Gripcase Protective Case

To learn more about Avatalker AAC, please visit

Autism ATRIUM:
This educational initiative for the autism community will provide a regular schedule of learning opportunities through free online webiNAArs as well as a series of blog entries by experts in topics affecting individuals with autism and their families.

National Autism Conference
They support the annual conference of the Autism Society of America, this year in New Orleans.

Autism Mag - AutismMag

A truly beautiful site of articles, news, reviews and resources for ASD related issues. Its writers have over ten years of experience working with young people with autism in educational, professional and home settings.

Autistic Spectrum on Flickr

There are over 5,000 photos in this Flickr group. Here is their group introduction:

Anyone photographing (or arting) from an autistic continuum perspective is welcome to join and post.
We're inclusive of anyone with Autism, Aspergers, PDD, NLD, Irlen's, sensory (dis)integration, autistic traits,etc.; self-or-professional identified. Special welcome to anyone identifying as Aspies, Auties, or other such terms of self-identified pride (although it is not necessary to identify as such to be part of the group).

Also, photos/art ,of people from such experiences- especially fun would be photos of continuum people enjoying passions in absorbed ways. Please be respectful of anyone you photograph, and if you are outing someone as on the spectrum, you must ask their permission first. Differing opinions and approaches to spectrum experiences are welcome, provided that they are respectful and not erasing of the perspectives of autistic continuum people.

What are our unique perspectives? Let's find out!
Show our passions, unique angles, and different sensory experiences.

Group rules:
1. Post as many photos taken by or photos of autistic spectrum people that you want.
2. Follow Flickr general rules:
-Especially note: Post only your own photos (no copyrights by others)

Want to know more about the group? Look at this discussion.

Members are encouraged to view and comment on other photos in the group.
It would be great if you'd add this to your comment:

#autismawareness • Instagram photos and videos

Photos and videos with the hashtag ‘autismawareness’ on Instagram

I tried first the @autism hashtag but there were a lot of innappropriate and not relevant posts. Using #autismawareness you seem to get more directly to photos and videos about autism.

There are currently over 600,000 using that hashtag.

Neuro Wonderful

Amythest Schaber videos about what it's like to be Autistic.

Blog about Autism, disability, and living life on the spectrum at my blog:

Shirts and all forms of handmade items with quotes about autism and related disability by Amythest at

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