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6 times Redfern Now brilliantly showed us that people need to stand up for their rights

Episode 4 of season one, “Stand up”, proves you need to speak up about what you stand for, even if people are against you.


1 Not everyone understands what you understand.

Joel got a scholarship to Clifton Grammar in Sydney, so he was more than excited to start. In this scene, it’ s an embarrassing and scary moment for Joel, as indicated by the close up shot that showed how he was very anxious and hesitant and how he looked very mortified. Joel explains why he did not sing the national anthem in assembly, stating, “ I do not know the words sir.” You would think that people wouldn’t need to learn the words of the something they don’t believe in but this episode shows that this is not the case, at least not to start with.


2 We sing the national anthem at the start of each day

Mrs McCann, the principal in “Stand Up”, powerfully proves this point through a shot where she happily acknowledges the fact that the students have to sing the national anthem each day. As a result Joel very timidly remains silent in this close up of Joel’s face while Mrs McCann very boldly states “we pride our selves on our tolerance and understanding but it’s a tradition a Clifton Grammar .We sing the national anthem at the start of each day. Its not up for negotiation.” This indicates Mrs McCann’s abuse of power and how she does not honour Joel’s rights. This problem can be simply avoided if she just looked at thing from his perspective.


3 Sing your hearts out.

Ever get angry? Mrs McCann sure did, as this long shot showed and she was feeling very defeated. I mean it can be quite tough as she just wanted to be in control and then she finds the students having more control than her. She responded abruptly saying “you will get up and sing your heart out”, which could be very daunting for the students who are doing what’s right for them and what they believe in. this scene shows you might need to show your confidence and your courage when standing up for your rights against power.


4 I do not belong here

“It just doesn’t feel right”. Joel said of singing the anthem (a long shot of joal standing there looking very confused and lost is shown very clearly). Joel was very lost as to where he wanted to be, and most of us would be as well if we were put in a position where if you stand for your rights you could lose a once in a life time scholarship, but if you don’t, you feel like you’re betraying your beliefs and that is not who you are.


5 The rule is to sing the national anthem

The teachers might have thought it was a one time mistake, as Mr Parish said to Joel “the rule is to sing the national anthem” but then they realised it was not a mistake, it was something Joel clearly felt strongly about and would not let anybody change what he feels as (this close shot shows how Joel was feeling very hesitant to talk about what he feels, thinks and believes).


6 Our parents are proud of us

The students might have been silent about the whole issue but once they realised they can stand up for their beliefs and their rights just like Joel did, they took the chance and spoke and they were very confident. This medium shot clearly shows the confidence in Chloe’s eyes as she stated, “Our parents are right behind us they are proud of us standing up.” This scene shows that power comes in numbers.


stand up

If you ever feel like something is not right and you are being forced to do something you clearly have no connections with and is against your rights and beliefs, stand up. Stand up for your rights and beliefs; do not let anyone make you feel like you have no choice. You have got a voice in this world.