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Factoring OERs

This is a curated collected of OERs on the topic of "factoring".

Factoring Quadratics: The Simple Case

This resource provides simple explanations and examples of how to factor. It walks the user through the steps involved, and it provides tricks and tips along the way.

Factoring in Algebra

This resource explains what factoring is and shows examples on how to factor. It also provides several different types of practice problem. This resource has material for students, parents, and teachers.

Introduction To Factoring

This resource provides the user with step by step lessons that walk the user through factoring. Once one small step is mastered through a lesson and example, the user can move to the next lesson where a new type of problem or concept is introduced.

Khan Academy

This resource provides the user with all the tools to be able to master factoring. It begins with a basic video going over the basics of factoring and then proceeds to lead the user through other examples and small assessment to allow for practice growth before moving on to more complex processes.

Factoring Polynomials

This resource break the concept of factoring down into smaller components. For each component the resource provides both an overview and examples when applicable.

Regents Exam Prep Center

This resource is very useful in learning factoring because it break down the process into simple components. It also provides the user with several example problems and a quiz to allow for the user to check for understanding.

How to factor

Here the steps of factoring are broken down and explained. The user can move from step to step, reading the narrative and seeing the example.

How to Factor a Polynomial Expression

This resource discusses factoring in very easy to understand terms. All the steps are laid out and explained thoroughly. It also provides the user with tips for factoring correctly and gives prompts on things that should be remembered.

How To Factor Trinomials

Here the basics of how to factor are explained with step by step examples and several practice problems for the user. Worksheets with additional practice problems are also available.

This website is provides by Lamar University. They give the basics of factoring along with detailed descriptions of several different kinds of factoring. They also provide interactive questions where the user can choose when the answer should be revealed.