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Updated by Veronique De La Ronde on Mar 13, 2016
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You Can Never Go Wrong with these Bottles and Jars Storage Ideas

An empty bottle or jar is so hard to toss in the recycling bin. Why would you when you can do so much with these versatile treasures – no matter what shape or size.

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Use bottles to store liquids and jars to store either liquids or solids.

Jars and bottles aredistinguished by theiropenings. A jar has a widemouth, typically of the same width of the jar or very closeto it. A bottle, on the other hand, has a neck which is much narrower than the body of the bottle, with a lipped mouth to facilitate pouring without spilling.

DIY mason jar wall organizer

Looking for some extra storage to hold all of your Q-tips, cotton balls, and other bathroom essentials? You can create this addition with 30 minutes of DIY and $20 bucks in materials.

Survival Food Storage - The Plastic Bottle

Simple. Easy. Effective.
Why a plastic bottle? Big deal, it's food in a bottle. Here is why this is important!
True Story: I prepare for hurricane season every year. One year, my hurricane storage box flooded due to a leak in one of my gallons of water. What I found many weeks later, was a nice fermented soup of rice, beans and other dry goods.

50 Ways to Re-purpose and Reuse Glass Jars

Whenever I come across an empty glass jar it is so hard for me to toss it in the recycling bin. {I know my craft room looks like {this} but I promise I’m not a pack rat} I just feel compelled to hold onto these versatile treasures – no matter what shape or size. {and yes I have bought the x-large jar of pickles a few times just so I could keep the cool jar}

10 Simple Uses for Spaghetti Jars

After a thorough cleaning and de-labeling, a simple spaghetti jar has many great uses. See our 10 favorite ways to reuse them below the jump, and share your own tips!

When setting up your emergency food supply, proper storage is critical to make sure insects and other creatures don't get to your stash. This simple solution keeps your dry goods safe and portable.

Dry food Storage Using 2 and 3 ltr. Plastic Soda Bottles

Looking at the bottles, I realized that they are durable, lightweight, water tight, and once the soda is gone, free. What more could you ask?
I had saved up about a dozen of the 2 ltr. bottles and had a few 3 ltr. ones as well. The 3 liters have wider openings and are good for large beans like limas, or for flour or meal.