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Learning the Three Branches of Government

Here is a list of resources you can use to learn about the 3 Branches of Government of the United States of America.

Running for the presidency isn’t easy! In Win the White House, you get to manage your very own presidential campaign by strategically raising funds, polling voters, launching media campaigns, and making personal appearances. Keep a close eye on the map as you battle over electoral votes and popular support. 

Not sure of the branches of government's jobs? Find out here

who has power over what? play this game to find out

What branch does the president fall under? Take a look at this game to find out & learn about the other branches of government

Three Co-Equal Branches of Government?

The U.S. Constitution creates three separate branches in which the federal government is to be divided up into, the legislative, executive and judicial branc...

Do you like running things? Branches of Power allows you to do something that no one else can: control all three branches of government! You'll have the power to write any laws you want about issues you choose. Careful, though, there's a lot to juggle when you're playing all three branches. Good luck!

Using a free online social studies game, students explore the branches of government and the checks and balances system, along with other civics concepts.

The Harry
S. Truman Library and Museum is one of thirteen Presidential
Libraries administered by the National
Archives and Records Administration.

Need help with your Social Studies homework? Students read about the legislative, executive, and judiciary branches of the U.S. government and then test their knowledge in a drag-and-drop exercise.

Three Branches Rap - Smart Songs