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Updated by Scott Spangenberg on Jun 03, 2016
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Bored? Then just say Fluk It

Fun, interesting, unique, and entertaining things to do at flukfluk. Have fun online and just tell everyone to Fluk off.


 Post a shout-out. Say f-you, thank you, why you are happy, why you are angry, why you are confused, just saying hi, and one for random posting

Mind boggling addictions. You will question people’s sanity.

Sometimes I realize that people can be freaking insane and impossible to understand. I mean they have mind boggling addictions and fetishes that are just weird and bizarre. I mean seriously wtf is this stuff?

Online privacy tool that lets you be in control of what gets posted about you

You wouldn't want all your personal information just floating around the internet. Everyday 10,000's of people (or more)across this World have their identities compromised causing financial and in some cases criminal troubles.

This is the Alaskan pimp mobile

If you have to live someplace where you are always surrounded by snow. Why not glide in style with a snowmobile made for a pimp.

Cellulite makes you feel old and unattractive. So get rid of it for good!

If your a woman you do not want the dreaded cellulite on any parts of your body, and if you do see it all you want to do is find a way to get it to go away forever. Cellulite tends to make a women feeling old and unattractive

Breast enhancement product that is fast, effective, and painless

a lot of women out in the World who are not happy with the size of their breasts. A lot of those women can not afford any kind of fancy enhancements or Doctor's procedures. Now there is a product that is guaranteed to work on any woman.

Get big, get strong, have sex all night long by increasing your testosterone.

Feeling as if you aren't as strong or as sexually attracted , or have that sex drive as you use to? You are slowly losing your testosterone, the levels are dropping which is causing you to think that you are not the man that you use to be.

How to meet other pot smokers? Make new friends who like to get stoned.

Want to meet other people who like to smoke up and get high? Then this is the place for you it is very 420 friendly and you can meet new people who like to smoke pot and who love their thc.

Why is sex such a big deal? Who f'ing knows.

For some reason sex is such a big deal in the eyes of a lot of people (mostly men) and honestly I can't figure out why. Can anyone answer this