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Updated by Melanie Stephens on Mar 08, 2016
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Meladerm Reviews - What People Say About Best Skin Lightening Cream 2016?

There is a lot of Meladerm cream reviews avaliable online. But you can find all the information about Meladerm i one place. I mean a website called BirthOrderPlus.
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J. Lee.

"I had these acne breakouts and it left dark brown spots on my forehead (see the picture). I couldn’t get a better picture (it’s unretouched), but the appearance of the spots is worse than the picture describes. I bought Meladerm and used it for about 2 months. I see now that the dark brown spots are almost invisible. Meladerm is a great product, and I even recommended it to everyone with the same problem"



"When I was a teenager, I really loved tanning. I loved it so much that I could tan my skin 5 times a week! I realized the bad effects of this habit after my college graduation. My skin was a lot darker than I thought it would be. Eventhough I stopped tanning, my skin had become too dark. One of my friends mentioned Meladerm, and I tried it out. It was a big surprise that the stubborn dark pigment amazingly became whiter after a couple of months! I’ll be using Meladerm until my skin gets back to normal. Thank you so much"



"To be honest, I never wrote product reviews, ever! Until I bought this amazing cream… I’ve been using Meladerm to reduce my acne scars for less than a month now. I’m talking about very very old stubborn acne scars that I’ve been trying to remove for years!

I tried hydroquinone, but it was to harsh for my facial skin, and when I found about about the ingredient being banned due to its potential of causing skin cancer, I stopped the usage completely. It didn’t work either. Hydroquinone only bleached my skin, and it couldn’t make my skin tone even.

When I applied Meladerm, I started to see the fading of my acne scars and it started evening my skin tone. I also noticed that my skin had become very soft and smooth. It’s simpy amazing.After 1 month of usage, I dumped my concealer. I really didn’t need it anymore, because the dark spots were getting lighter and lighter. I just bought my second bottle. The 1.7oz bottle lasts quite long, because I only need a small amount for each treatment.

I personally recommend this cream to anyone desperate in fading stubborn acne scars. Although the $8.99 shipping is quite high, compared with the results I’ve seen so far, it’s close to nothing…"

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream Review by Lacey

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