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Headline for Science Fair Resources
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Science Fair Resources

District resources that can assist students with their science fair projects. Click the pull down menu and change from "magazine" to "minimal" for easier viewing.

BrainpopJr - Science Skills

Provides educational movies for K-3 students. Homework Help, leveled quizzes, games and activities for kids. Exceptional resource for teachers and homeschools.

BrainPOP Jr. | Science | Be A Scientist

The Science Skills unit has educational movies for K-3 students that teach topics like the scientific method and science safety.

BrainpopJr Science Projects (K-3)

This animated movie teaches K-3 students how to use the scientific method to create science experiments and science fair projects.

BrainpopJr Scientific Method

The Scientific Method movie teaches the steps to conduct a science experiment, such as making a hypothesis and recording data.

BrainpopJr. Making Observations

Watch this K-3 science movie to learn how to use rulers, scales, microscopes, hand lenses, photos, and charts to observe and record observations.

Brainpop (Grades 4-5) Science Projects

In this educational animated movie about Science learn about experiments, hypothesis, conclusion, and scientific projects.

Brainpop Scientific Method (4-5)

In this BrainPOP movie, discover the scientific method, which can design any kind of experiment! Learn how to make observations and develop inferences based on them. Then, form a hypothesis, make a prediction, and design a test to see whether or not your prediction was correct. Finally, you’ll learn why it’s important for others to be able to repeat your experiment. You’ll also learn how hypotheses become theories which change science. So next time you've got a hunch, use the scientific method and be sure!

Brainpop Precision & Accuracy 4-5

In this educational animated movie about Science learn about measure, measurement, exact, exactly, and scientific method.

Science Is Elementary: What Is Science?: Science Fair Projects

Discovery Education- Takes students through all the steps from choosing a topic to display. You will be prompted to sign in, and you can share Discovery Education videos directly to students via gClassroom