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Headline for Customer Service and Outsourcing Support
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Customer Service and Outsourcing Support

Helpful articles on shaping customer service and support for businesses

5 Ways to Create an Employee Rewards Program that Drive Results

With a well-thought-out and reasonable employee rewards program, your company can boost employee engagement and productivity.

The Truth About What Really Motivates People

Keeping employees engaged results in a better employee retention. In a 2015 research by global performance-management consulting company, Gallup, productivity surged by 21 percent if employees are engaged.

How to Build An Enviable Company Culture

When doing business, your human capital is of as much value as your financial investment. At the end of the day, when your company is stripped off of its KPIs and other metrics, it all boils down to the team that makes up your organization—your people.

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Employee Turnovers

Despite numerous incentives for employees, even top company performers come and go. According to a 2016 survey conducted by Deloitte Consulting, two-thirds of Millennials who are currently dominating the workplace wish to leave their companies by 2020.

How to Use Employee Turnover to Innovate Your Business

Depending on what industry your company operates in, the size of your organization, and what your core activities are, employee turnover rates will vary significantly.

The HR Guide to a Meaningful Rewards Program

Apart from the salary itself, benefits and compensation packages are taken into consideration by employees, especially when people are applying for jobs. They tend to compare the benefits they want or have had from their previous jobs when making career-related decisions.

10 Heartwarming Stories of Remarkable Customer Service You Have to Read Today

Here are ten heartwarming stories of outstanding customer service performed by those businesses who “walk the talk” when it comes to delivering the kind of service that wins a customer over for life.

How to Create the Best Possible Experience for Your Customers

If you want your business to succeed, delivering the best customer experience matters. According to an HBR article, customer experience is no longer dependent on just providing excellent customer service or offering quality products. Nor is it about the critical moments when customers interact with your organization.

Why Safety and Compliance Is Important to Managers

Though OSH strategies may differ across industries, it’s essential for any legitimate business with employees to have a proper safety plan in place. As a matter of fact, it’s stated in the law.

5 Signs Your Company Needs to Invest in EHS Software

Some challenges may be preventing you from making better environmental, health, and safety decisions. Here’s a checklist to detect what’s keeping your workplace from being a safe place for employees.

5 Ways to Lose and Infuriate Customers That You Might Be Doing Right Now

You may not be aware of it, but you just might be irritating your clients with the kind of customer service you are providing them. 

20 Things People Hate the Most About Customer Service

To better understand which areas we can improve on, let us look into the areas that commonly irk customers.

Everything I Need to Know about Customer Service, I Learned from My Mother

High fives to all mothers out there for teaching us our first lessons in customer service.

Customer Service and Social Media, and Why They’re Joined at the Hip

In this digital age, an active, well-maintained social media presence can really make or break a business.

4 Customer Support Tactics You Should be Implementing to Win Millennials Over

When working on your next customer support strategy, keep these 4 tips in mind and you’ll more likely to building strong relationships with your millennial consumers.

12 Customer Service Challenges Faced by Fast-Growing Industries

Regardless of the industry your business belongs to, there’s no denying that customers are and will always be your company’s lifeline. Thus, providing superb customer service support should be on top of your priorities.

How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Customer Support

While every customer experience is unique, these tips can help ensure that you are doing the best practices.