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Ridiculously Good Real Estate Articles for Sellers

Check out this collection of the best real estate articles for home sellers. From avoiding home selling mistakes, to tips for selling your home in the winter/spring/summer/fall, this list has it all.

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

The following tips will explain how to get your home ready to sell and help you complete the process sooner rather than later.

Top Home Selling Mistakes That MUST Be Avoided

Covering some of the most costly home selling mistakes made and present ways to avoid them. By Avoiding these errors most sellers should come out ahead!

Reasons Your House Is Not Selling

Learn the reasons your house is not selling by taking a look at the following tips. Find out how you can present your home in its best condition

Home Staging Tips To Get Your Home Sold Quick

In order to get their asking price, or close to it, the home needs to look its best. Here are the top home staging tips to get your home sold quick.

Luxury Home Selling Tips

Luxury home selling tips that will not only bring buyers in to view your home but they will also be ready to make an offer!

Summer Curb Appeal

75+ interior and exterior summer curb appeal tips broken down by US regions including Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and Northwest from 14 top real estate professionals!

Spring Home Selling Tips

Tips for selling your home in the spring. Plus 8 real estate pros give their BEST spring home selling tips! Get your home (or your client’s) in top shape!

Winter Curb Appeal Ideas

Winter curb appeal ideas broken down by US regions including the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and Northwest. Plus tips from 18 pros!

Sell My Home With a Reverse Mortgage

See how to sell a home with a reverse mortgage. Step by step guide to getting your home sold when you have a reverse mortgage to deal with.

How To Sell A Condo

Selling a condo is different than selling a single family home. There are steps to ensure a smooth sale. Find out the 10 best tips for selling a condo here!

7 Home Inspection Tips For Sellers

Selling Your Home? Prepare for an inspection with these top home inspection tips for sellers. Take the time to review the home and make any needed repairs.

How To Prepare Your House For Sale

When preparing your house for sale, breaking the work into decluttering, cleaning and curb appeal will make things easier.

How To Prepare Your Home For an Appraisal

Look over these steps to prepare your home for an appraisal and help the appraiser view your property in a more favorable light.

What NOT to Do When You Sell a Home

Lots of experts provide solid information about selling a home. This is a twist on that idea by offering advice on things NOT to do when you sell a home.

Giving Your Kids the Gift of Equity |

There are times when selling a home to a stranger makes the most sense. But there are also opportunities for a person to sell their place to a family member...

Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Look over the following tips to learn how to get your home ready to sell and see how you can present your home in its best condition.

Renting a Pod vs a Self-Storage Unit

See a detailed comparison between renting a pod vs renting a storage unit. Learn the pros and cons of both storage options.

Top Mistakes Home Sellers Make

Top 12 mistakes home sellers make when selling their home including overpricing your home, ignoring your home's curb appeal, and more!

Selling Your Home In The Winter: Important Tips

Selling a home in the winter requires some work and attention to detail. You want to make sure the home is in proper order before potential buyers browse through the rooms and decide if this is the place for them.

Selling a home in the winter has a few unique details.

By giving some extra attention to a few key areas, and making the place inviting, you can attract more prospects. This can help you over your competition and assist you with getting the home sold much quicker.

How Important Is Curb Appeal When Selling A Home?

One of the first things to start thinking about when selling your home is curb appeal. Why? Learn that and more in the insightful post by Kevin Vitali- Massachusetts Realtor!

"We hear about curb appeal from real estate agents all the time.

But as a potential home seller, have you ever taken the time to understand the impact the initial visual presentation of your home has on the sale?

Ok, so we think about how attractive your home is to potential home buyers from the street. But, goes much deeper than your home’s visual impact."

Home Staging Tips To One Up Your Competition

Do you need to get your home looking better? Are you looking for some DIY home staging tips that will help make your home stand out from the competition?

Take a look at this article on to learn some simple tips and tricks to take your home to the next level!

What is a CMA in Real Estate

Take a look at our latest post where we provide a step-by-step walkthrough, explain a CMA report’s components, discuss its benefits and limitations, and answer frequently asked questions.

Moving Tips to Minimize Stress

5 tips to help minimize moving stress and keep you focused on the important tasks during the moving process.

7 Traits of Successful Home Sellers

Do you know the 7 habits of highly effective home sellers? See some things sellers should focus on to have a successful home sale.

Selling Your Home? Find Out Why It's Important To Make Time For Showings

Denying showings of your home to a potential home buyer can cost you the sale of your home. All it takes is one buyer that is interested to sell your home.