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HealthCare, Diagnostic & Laboratory Services

Hematology department at Apollo Diagnostics provides a broad range of services for the diagnosis & treatment of blood disorders & bone marrow.

Signs & Symptoms that You Might Have Throat Cancer

Do you face prolonged chronic cough, swelling of the eyes, throat or neck? If so, it’s time to consult an Oncologist as you might be at risk of Throat Cancer.

Vascular & Endovascular Centre in Delhi, Vascular Surgery in India

Vascular & Endovascular Surgery at Apollo Hospital Delhi is the best in world fore surgical problems. Apollo performs the finest angioplasty & stenting. Know more here.

Knee Arthroscopy Surgery in India - Apollo Spectra

Knee Arthroscopy Surgery is commonly performed for treating meniscus injury, reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament & for cartilage microfracturing.

Apollo Health City provides hospital services to patients with various medical conditions ranging from critical care, emergency care to outpatient clinical services.

Immunology laboratory tests at Apollo Diagnostics help in diagnosis & analysis of medical problems connected to immunological & infectious diseases.

Find the best Neurologist in New-Delhi. Browse through our list of Neurology Doctors in New-Delhi to seek medical advice. Book an Appointment on Apollo edoc today!

Find the best Diabetologist in Kolkata. Browse through our list of Diabetology Doctors in Kolkata to seek medical advice. Book an Appointment on Apollo edoc today!

Find the best Oncologist in Chennai. Browse through our list of Oncology Doctors in Chennai to seek medical advice. Book an Appointment on Apollo edoc today!

Center for Maternal & Fetal Medicine - Apollo Hospitals Delhi

The Apollo Centre for Fetal Medicine offers fetal care for patients, diagnosing fetal problems including in utero medical and surgical therapy. Know more here.

Ear Nose Throat (ENT) at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Delhi

Department of ENT at Apollo Hospitals Delhi conducts diagnosis, treatment & research of disorders of the ear, nose, sinuses, throat & the anterior skull base.

Microbiology | Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test

The Microbiology Lab at Apollo Diagnostics provides techniques like microscopy, antimicrobial susceptibility tests etc. to treat infectious diseases.

Apollo Health City has one of the largest intensive care units with modern facilities & equipment's providing best specialized care for critically ill patients.

Apollo Institutes of Transplant, Hyderabad have skilled surgeons performing organ transplantations. Know about our transplant programs and procedures here.

Apollo Diagnostic Center & Pathology Test Lab - Vizag

Apollo Diagnostic center offers a wide range of clinical tests, health checks & laboratory services in Vizag. Know about the tests performed here.

Directory of Clinical Laboratory & Diagnostic Services

Find a complete list of Diagnostic Tests & Laboratory Services offered by Apollo Diagnostics. Order tests online & visit our Apollo Diagnostic Center.

Infertility: IVF treatment centre Delhi, India | Fertility specialists

Infertility: Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in Delhi, India is one of the best IVF treatment center in India having some of the most experienced fertility specialists.

Best Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery in Delhi, India

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Delhi, India is known for conducting the best Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery treating conditions like Sever Obesity, Type II Diabetes and much more.

Apollo Health City has a team of skilled Cosmetologists & Plastic Surgeons providing complete treatments, care & services for patients with skin.

Healthy diet & lifestyle are your best weapons in the fight against heart disease. Here are some quick tips to make smart choices which can benefit your heart.

Five Questions to ask Yourself Before Considering Bariatric Surgery!

Suffering from morbid obesity? Considering getting a bariatric surgery to help keep the weight off? Here's few things you need to take care before opting for surgery.

Get your Blood Checkups Done at Pathological Labs!

Blood related diseases leads to fatigue, shortness of breath, trouble concentrating from lack of oxygenated blood in the brain. Well with experts working on it Haematology is the answer for the cure.

Detecting the Early Signs of Cancer

People define cancer as a deadly disease as a person detected with cancer is nervous even before he learns what that disease is. In many cases, the sooner cancer is diagnosed and treated, the better a person’s chance for a full recovery. You might notice changes in your body. There are lots of possible causes for different symptoms, so its important to know what to look out for.

Fight against Cancer - Get the Best Treatment!

There are more than 200 types of cancer. The percentage of survival is very low, until & unless the treatment is being done by a world class hospital. Here's a list of best cancer treatment hospitals.

Types of Cures available for Sinusitis!

Depending on the type of sinusitis an individual is suffering from,the appropriate cure can be recommended. Read some of the different types of sinusitis here.