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Updated by TryHealthier Team on Mar 02, 2016
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TryHealthier - The Art of Living

Our Goal at TryHealthier is to create high quality content that will provide the users with the necessary information to prevent illness. We want to educate people on how to improve their lifestyle in order to maintain their health, rather than seek treatment after they got ill.

We also aim to enlist the help of the medical community in educating and providing personalized information for our users (trough our "Ask The Doctor" section of the website).


The Guide to Quit Smoking | TryHealthier

The aim of the guide to quit smoking is to inform and offer a valid plan to those that desire to be finally free of this vice.

Medical uses of Tai Chi Chuan | TryHealthier

The medical uses of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong stem from the sequences of flowing movements coupled with changes in mental focus, breathing, relaxation.

4 Hugs a Day Keep the Doctor Away! | TryHealthier

A minimum of 4 hugs a day can be and should be given not only as a tool to soothe the sick, but also to prevent sickness and stressful situation

Health benefits on Intermittent Fasting | TryHealthier

Studies of the health benefits on intermittent fasting show that, restricting daily calorie intakes increase in average life span

The Vaping Health Hazard | TryHealthier

A number of studies uncovered a whole list of toxic contaminants in e-liquids that constitute a literal vaping health hazard

Why is sex better without a condom? | TryHealthier

Here we take on the extensive data, put aside wild speculations and analyse the known science behind why is sex better without a condom

The effects of music with exercise | TryHealthier

The science, research and actual applications behind the effects of music with exercise. Use of wisely selected music could enhance athletic performance

How can a smile make a difference ? | TryHealthier

Breaking down the psychology and biology facts on how can a smile make a difference to the world around us and inside of us