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5 Key Benefits of Installing a Turbo Roll High Speed Door

Turbo roll high speed doors are commonly installed in warehouses, clean rooms and factory units due to their efficiency and time saving measures. But what are their top features, and why do so many business owners want to have them installed on their premises? Let’s take a look:


Super Fast Action

Super Fast Action

The clue is in the name – turbo roll high speed doors from UK Rapid Door Systems are exactly that, fast action doors which operate at up to 1.5 metres per second. The high speed at which the doors open and close means that very little heat is lost from the opening, making them much more energy efficient than conventional roller shutter doors.


Ideal Vermin Control

Warehouses are often pestered by vermin such as rats and mice, but with the turbo roll doors offering a secure and perfectly fitting closing between internal and external areas, this can help to reduce the flow of vermin.


Reinsertion System

Reinsertion System

It is inevitable that at times, roll up doors can become dislodged by impact from a stray forklift truck or other hazard. However, UK Rapid Door Systems have designed the door to feature a special reinsertion system, meaning that the door can recover its position with just one open and closing cycle. This means that the downtime from the door being dislodged is at an absolute minimum and requires no man power or time to fix it.


Temperature Control

Turbo roll high speed doors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and are able to help regulate temperatures within a given area. The fast action means that very little energy is lost during an opening and closing cycle – ideal for areas where maintaining a specific temperature is key, such as clean rooms or food preparation areas.


Made to Specification

Made to Specification

These efficient doors can be manufactured to a given size, up to 4500mm wide to 5000mm high. Customers can choose from a range of colours to suit their existing colour scheme, meaning that each door installed is fit for purpose.