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Useful Microsoft in Education posts this week #41

SchoolNet SA - IT's a Great Idea: 'How I use Microsoft's Office Mix to teach Mathematics' - a guest post from Mabore ...

This is a guest post from Mabore Lekalakala, one of Microsofts #MIEExperts for 2016. Mabore is a keen user of Office Mix and she shares how she uses it for teaching Mathematics. Mabore was one of four teachers representing South Africa in 2015 in Seattle at the E2 Global Teacher Exchange in Seattle in 2015. Follow her on Twitter at @LekalakalaMabor

SchoolNet SA - IT's a Great Idea: How teachers around South Africa are using Microsoft's newer ICT tools in the class...

It is interesting to note how teachers around the country are using Microsoft's newer tools


Linda Foulkes, a current Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, believes that

“the potential of OneNote for Education is unlimited. OneNote has so many benefits and most schools do not even know about this hidden gem and its
power!” According to Linda, OneNote is a powerful tool for connected

classrooms as “it can be used to provide tutorials for subjects in and out of the classroom, it can be used as a multimedia note taker and as a subject resource to share live with teachers and students”.

BYOD for Teachers

Linda Foulkes' OneNote toolchest

How To Use Microsoft OneDrive

: A Tutorial. The short version is this: Microsoft OneDrive is a digital locker that allows you to seamlessly back up and share you digital files with students–pdfs, images, .docs, ppts, etc. You can also collaborate on files, create unique sharing terms, and more–just like Google Drive, only this time with the support of the best word processor and productivity suite in the world in Microsoft Office. (They even have a free version of Word you can use in-browser.)

The Art of the Note

Map notes so well, you'll make Magellan jealous.

Two Superpowers We Wish We Had

Bill and Melinda Gates share their 2016 Annual Letter.

Skype in the Classroom learns the truth about sharks

Merging science, education, and sustainability, Ocean First Institute is a non-profit organization that promotes the protection and preservation of our marine environments. They joined Skype in the Classroom as virtual field trips experts in 2014 and have so far conducted over 240 Skype sessions with schools across the globe — educating over 7,000 students on…

OfficeMix : MSEN-PD for Teachers

Linda Foulkes shares via Office Mix about the Educator network. Although the Microsoft Educator Network has migrated to the Microsoft Educator community this Office Mix demonstrates how Office Mix can be used.

7 Reasons to join the Microsoft Educator community - Microsoft in Education Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Empowering every student to achieve more. Technology allows us to dream of what the future of education could be. Learning is changing and students today need to be able to collaborate, communicate and demonstrate flexibility in how they solve problems in order to thrive and achieve their goals.

At Microsoft, we believe providing quality education to the 1.4 billion students around the world is essential to the future of our society. Effective, immersive learning experiences inspire students to demonstrate creative thinking. The right technology can empower education, inspire learning anywhere, and unlock the potential of students, educators, and schools. To make this technology available worldwide we partner with education communities, delivering solutions, services and programs that enhance learning and school management.

Microsoft in education empowers educators to:

• Inspire students to create and demonstrate critical thinking
• Learn anytime, anywhere
• Prepare students for their futures
• Transform and modernize schools and college campuses