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Updated by Alexandra Wendt on Feb 26, 2016
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Things to Do in Manila, an enthralling city

The vibrant city of Manila offers many intriguing attractions for the visitor. From sightseeing highlights to shopping and cultural attractions there are many things to do in Manila, as listed below.


Explore Intramuros

Intramuros is the name given to the historically significant walled enclave that at one time housed the colonial Spanish as well as American governments when they ruled the Philippines. Much of this area was destroyed during the Second World War, but it has since then been refurbished so that it has regained its stately charm. Visitors will have the option of exploring this fascinating area on foot, or hiring the services of a horse-drawn buggy. Perhaps the best option would be to avail yourself of the services of an experienced guide who will point out the features of interest and provide informative commentary.


Haggle in the street markets

Shopping in Manila's numerous large air-conditioned malls may be engrossing enough, but for a true local experience there is no substitute for taking your chances in the bustling street markets of the city. In markets like those of Quiapo, Divisoria and Baclaran you will find quaintly appealing marketplaces where you can put your haggling abilities to the test. Although these street bazaars are often busy and the weather rather humid, the experience of browsing through them can be very rewarding when you discover great bargains that match your expectations. Often the prices will be very cheap and there will be a great selection from which to select from.


Cruise Manila Bay

Experiencing the spectacular sunset at the renowned Manila Bay can undoubtedly be considered to be one of the most remarkable experiences in the capital of the Philippines. Many tourists make it a point to witness this remarkable sight, which has entranced thousands of visitors over the years. This beautiful and romantic sight is even more memorable if you choose a dinner cruise where you can dine with sensational views of the sunset in the background. Alternatively you will have the opportunity to hire a personal yacht for the experience. In order to enjoy these many activities that you can experience in the city, an excellent Manila hotel at which to stay would be the Berjaya Makati Hotel, which offers attractive accommodation with a number of modern amenities.


Visit the National Museum of the Filipino People

This splendid museum is housed within a magnificent neoclassical edifice that may be considered something of an attraction in itself. Within the museum you will find a varied and extensive collection with many intriguing exhibits including the actual skullcap of Tabon Man, which is the name given to the islands' earliest recorded inhabitant. Another highlight at the museum is the section which features the shipwreck of a Spanish vessel that capsized in the environs of Luzon centuries ago. Many items recovered from this ship can be seen at the museum, including coins, swords, jewellery, porcelain and more.