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Updated by Juliana Roberts on Feb 26, 2016
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Water Sports in Abu Dhabi – The Hottest Aqua Activities in Abu Dhabi

The capital & second most populous city of the United Arab Emirates is the urban city of Abu Dhabi. if you are looking to have some fun & make a splash while you are at it, try out these water sports;



Flyboarding is one of the newest and most exciting water sports to hit Abu Dhabi. Strap yourself on a flyboard which has two nozzles and is connected by a tube to a Jet Ski engine. When the engine accelerates, a column of water rushes through the tube and blasts out of the nozzles on the flyboard, thereby lifting you as high as 12 feet in the air! Trying to balance yourself while going along with the Jet Ski while being 12 feet in the air is both fun and challenging.


Cable Skiing

Cable skiing is much like water skiing, except without a boat. Instead of being towed by a speedboat so that you can ski, in cable skiing you are towed by a rope that travels along a cable suspended in the air. It may not sound that impressive, but the cable is capable of towing you at speeds close to 40kmph, making it quite an exciting water sport. Since there not many waves and currents involved like in water skiing, cable skiing can be tried out by almost anyone. For a comfortable stay in an Abu Dhabi luxury hotel make a reservation at the Eastern Mangroves Hotel and Spa by Anantara.


Deep Sea Fishing

The waters off Abu Dhabi are home to many species of marine life, thereby making it great for fishing. Fishing is in any event a fun thing to do, and deep sea fishing promises to be much more fun. Deep sea fishing will expose you to the real challenges of fishing in the deep seas, as you will have to learn to bait and be patient. The experience of heading out in the ocean, setting up your equipment, and baiting fish is sure to be exhilarating, especially if you are a fishing enthusiast.



If you want to surf but are not too confident about surfing in the ocean, Rush Rider at Yas Island offers you the solution. Rush Rider has a surfing simulator where by water speeds towards you on a rubbery and bouncy surface, simulating the waves and current of the ocean. Hop on to a board and hone your skills on how to balance on a board and ride the currents. This is ideal for kids and those are not too comfortable in the ocean.


Aqua Biking

Worried that you might get out of shape while having fun? Not to worry as aqua biking promises to give you a work out while being out in the water. Combining water aerobics and cardiovascular exercise, aqua biking entails a stationary-bike, which is submerged in water. Thereafter there various work outs that you can engage in while on this bike to get in shape and get your daily exercise. There are many places where you can try out aqua biking in Abu Dhabi so go on and give it a shot.



Sailing is immensely popular in Abu Dhabi, and the emirate even hosts several regional and international regattas. There are several sailing clubs in Abu Dhabi where surfing enthusiasts can visit and sail the waters of the Persian Gulf. If you are pro, you can even partake in some the surfing events hosted by Abu Dhabi during the peak season.