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Updated by Mathew Hatford on Feb 25, 2016
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Top attractions in Mahe Seychelles – a few days in a paradise

Surrounded by beautiful beaches, Seychelles is a different planet on this very same planet we live in. Its sugary white beaches and azure waters have never failed to captivate the huge influx of tourists. Most travelers would book another ticket to the same destination, simply because of this reason.


Anse Intendance

Such a wonderful beach is not easy to find. Here you find the real meaning of peace. But remember to be careful about the big waves. Those amazing long sandy beach with a great view is something you can never forget here. But if you happen to reach here in August, you should better avoid swimming here. Anse Intendance is of course ideal for surfing, but you need to be mindful of the right season.

But whatever time it is, here is a wonderful place for a good walk or watching the sunset. Yes, the beach is really beautiful especially with its white sands and granite boulders. And if you are looking for swimming, just be careful. Currents are quite strong and may pose a risk to your life.

If all what you want is just chilling out, the bar service is available at any hotel. That will be even easier if you stay at a Hotel Seychelles such as Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort and Casino. As you walk on, you will be treated to a massive beach with an amazingly striking blue ocean. But do not forget about the waves. You may swim, but be mindful about the big waves. Of course there are signs to warn you against swimming.


Petite Anse

Another striking beach in Mahe, Petite Anse is open to all. Here you will experience calm water, and you will soon fall in love with the water's colour. Yes the water has beautiful surroundings.

Petite Anse is blessed with breathtaking nature. You are in for a wonderful view. If you are a newly wedded couple, you will enjoy it here even more. There could hardly be a better place for your honeymoon. And do not forget your camera, for you will be quite busy capturing breathtaking pictures. And you will simply realize that Petite Anse is the most beautiful beach that ever existed. Well, there is some truth to it. It is the best beach you find in Mahe, leave aside Seychelles.

Funny enough, you will find many guests chilling out in the beach instead of their hotel rooms. You can often spot turtles and ray roaming in the area.


Moyenne Island

The trip to Moyenne Island is one of a kind. You can have it arranged by the hotel. Once arranged the bus will take you to where all the little ferries await you. Then you can start your ferry journey to the island surrounded by the tortoises. And of course you can have some time for snorkeling around the island as well.

If you are in Mahe, Moyenne Island is a must see. Enveloped in the massive natural beauty, you will see the island calm and quiet.