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Importance of location-based school Applications

Today's, parents are getting smarter than earlier. Now, before selecting any school for their children, they do the complete school background check via their mobile app.

5 Reasons Schools Need to Monitor Location-Based Social Media

Public or private, large or small, educational institutions are hotspots for social media. Social media can be used or monitored for a variety of different purposes on a campus, and we want to tell you the top reasons why your school, college, or university should be monitoring location-based social media.

Location-based Services in Education – Enhanced Experiences on Campus

Universities, or actually any campus environment, can gain a lot of value from the emerging location-based services (LBS). There are a few characteristics that render campuses as prime hotspots that enable richer WiFi-based LBS experiences. Firstly, there is a captive audience: students and staff spend a lot of time for almost 9 months of the year within the campus, with a proportion even living on campus during this period. Secondly, the growing trend is pervasive WiFi – indoor and outdoor always available. Lastly, due to widely available free WiFi, the proportion of people walking around with their mobile devices with WiFi switched “on” is very high relative to other industries, not surprising since students are happy to use campus WiFi rather than pay for their mobile data service.

Pros and Cons of Going to School Locally

Students who live in close proximity to a college or university might think it's a natural fit when deciding on a school to attend. There is a lot you should consider before deciding so stay close to home, though. Keep reading to find out some pros and cons of going to school in your home town.

Yik Yak chat app stirring up trouble in high schools

From Chicago, to Georgia, to Southern California, a new social media application is causing problems on middle school and high school campuses across the United States.

It's called Yik Yak, a location-based app that creates an anonymous social chat room where up to 500 nearby users connect through GPS tracking on their phones. Less than 4 months old, Yik Yak has "a couple hundred thousand users, mainly in Southeast/East coast campuses," its co-founder Brooks Buffington said.

School System Uses Location-Based Alerting to Protect Staff and Students

Tragically, random school violence such as shootings have become commonplace, shaking the confidence of communities, students, teachers and parents everywhere. Many school systems are actively seeking new ways to keep staff and students visible during emergencies and communicate in times of crisis, without resorting to invasive surveillance technologies or restrictive school policies. Schools want to respond faster to emergencies and minimize the loss of life, while deterring violence.

Developed School Information app

We have built a smartphone application that will give complete school information like how the school is?Academics, ratings, etc.. Hit this link for more information