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Updated by Lucie Aurore on Feb 25, 2016
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Best Surf Spots in Bali – The Hottest Spots to Rip Through the Waves

The Indonesian island province of Bali is arguably the best tourist destination in Southeast Asia for a tropical and exotic experience. Don't miss out on these venues for a great surfing experience.


Kuta Reef

Given its popular locality, Kuta Reef is one of the most crowded of surfing spots in Bali. But that hasn't deterred surfers from giving the many visitors of Kuta Beach quite a show, given its swells and waves. Surfing on Kuta Beach is best during the months of April to October, and one can expect 4ft – 5ft waves. Kuta Reef is great because it is often classified as an 'intermediate' skill spot, meaning that one need not be a pro to take on the waves of Kuta Reef.


Impossible Beach

If its name wasn't enough of an indicator already, you should know that Impossible Beach, while being a great place for surfing, should be attempted only those with considerable experience under their belts. Impossible Beach is also best visited during the months of April to October, and offer several large and fast waves to rip through. During the peak season one can expect swells that average 8ft. Pro surfers who are looking for a challenging surfing experience to get their adrenaline pumping are sure to enjoy riding the waves of Impossible Beach.


Seminyak Beach

Considered to be one of Bali's most beautiful beaches, Seminyak Beach is also great for surfing. The great thing about this surfing spot is that anyone from a beginner to a pro can enjoy it. With a good swell and decent waves, Seminyak offers an exciting surfing experience, and the beauty of the surrounding area and the beach only make the experience that much better. A great Seminyak Bali Resort to accommodate yourself in is the Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort.


Airport Reef

Located alongside the runway of the Denpasar Airport, Airport Reef is one of the newer surfing spots in Bali. Offering some moderate sized waves and swells which are better suited intermediate level surfers, Airport Reef is ideal for a refreshing and exciting surfing experience. The reef is divided into two spots; Airport Left and Airport Right. The former of these two is the more popular, but the latter does tend to have slightly bigger waves and swells.



Ever wanted to start the day off with a refreshing early morning surf? Look no further than Medewi. With its light breeze and 4ft – 6ft waves, Medewi has become one of the most popular surfing spots for those looking to hit the waves at the start of the day. Located about a 2 hour drive away from Kuta, this relatively secluded beach is a must-visit for a surfing enthusiast.


Uluwatu Beach

Uluwatu Beach has a reputation for never being flat, meaning that it is constantly swelling with some ripper waves! This spot is best left for those who are pros at the game, as you can often expect speeding 8ft waves during peak season, promising a thrilling surfing experience. But Uluwatu is not entirely extreme as the swells sometimes only average around 4ft – 5ft, so anyone with intermediate level skills can surf here, provided you keep a look out for waves beyond your capability. The only down side to Uluwatu Beach is that it does tend to be rather crowded, but other than that it is simply awesome!