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Updated by Andrew Pereira on Feb 24, 2016
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New Born Baby Essentials Check-list

The birth of a child is one of the most defining and life-changing events of a person's life, and one that demands the highest level of preparedness in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly and in a manner that is suitable for both the baby and the parents. In the modern day, one doesn't need to traverse the large expanses of shopping malls when it comes to buying baby products, and instead, can easily use a reputed online baby store such as and order away.



The most crucial item in baby-wear is the unique undershirts or vests that are specially designed for babies. When buying these, ensure that that there is a large-enough opening for neck-space and to comfortably get the baby's head through, and check for snaps at the neck and near the crotch, which will become very convenient for you. Pyjamas are also essential, so be sure to obtain a few one-piece pyjamas as well. Shoes are unnecessary until the baby actually begins to walk, so instead go for socks or booties. If you're living in cold environments, don't forget to get caps that cover the ears.



Regardless of whether you’re using a crib or not, a firm mattress is absolutely mandatory for the proper development of a baby. For your own convenience, be sure to have water-proof pads to place under the baby when they are sleeping, or to use waterproof mattress covers. In the modern day, one doesn’t need to traverse the large expanses of shopping malls when it comes to buying baby products, and instead, can easily use a reputed online baby store such as and order such products.



If the baby is going to be breast-fed, the required items are minimal, but it would generally be convenient to have bibs, burp-cloths, nursing bras and lotion for sore nipples. If a formula is being used, make sure to have bibs, burp-cloths, four ounce and eight ounce bottles (with nipples), the right formula, and a thermal bottle carrier.



One of the least desirable aspects of baby-care is the changing of diapers, so to ensure this process runs as conveniently as possible, be sure to have several disposable (or re-usable) diapers, waterproof covers, a diaper pail, a baby ointment or similar cream to prevent the appearance of rashes, the necessary items to secure diapers (snaps/velcro/safety pins) and finally, disposable wipes or washcloths.


Bath time

When it comes to bath-time, there are a few ways you can go about it. One would be to take the baby into the bath with you, which would mean you would only need washcloths, baby-soap or cleanser, and soft-hooded towels. If you feel that that this approach might be a little dangerous, then be sure to purchase a large plastic infant tub or a large dish-pan, but don't forget the above mentioned items because they are crucial.



When transporting the baby, be sure to have the right carrier/vessel in order to ensure the maximum level of safety for the newborn is reached. One option you can go for is the baby-basket, but this might be a real hassle when it comes to longer durations since babies aren't exactly light-weight. In this case you can opt for the use of a stroller. Additionally, if you own a car, an infant-seat is an absolute must.



Specialised baby-nail clippers are essential since normal ones are sure to cause injuries. Be sure to get a baby-thermometer to monitor the baby's health and be sure to have a first-aid kit with the appropriate medication contained within.

Remember, preparedness is essential for the well-being of the baby so ensure all the right materials have been obtained beforehand to maximize your level of convenience and to ensure the proper development of the baby.