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Headline for EdCamp ICE: After Dark Session Submission
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EdCamp ICE: After Dark Session Submission

Have an idea for an EdCamp Session? Please add your EdCamp ICE: After Dark Session idea here, and we'll vote it up on Wednesday night!


Best Practices to Facilitate a Student-Centered Classroom with EdTech

The growth of BYOT and 1 to 1 across education has opened the door to shifts in teaching and learning. The teacher no longer needs to be the source of all knowledge in the classroom. How do we best support student learning in these incredible times?


Technology Coaches

Technology coaches are becoming more and more important in determining the success of tech implementation in schools. What coaching models do you use? What training do your coaches receive? Do they work in tandem with your content-area coaches? What is their job description? What are their duties? How are they chosen?


Informal PD

Best strategies, ideas, and experiences for PD for educators when schools don't have the resources of people and time.


STREAMing with Technology in the Classroom

STREAMing with Technology in the Classroom

STEM has been a staple with classrooms these days leading to the use STEAM (science, technology, engineering, ART, mathematics), but with the various tools from 3D printing to coding students and teachers need to start using STREAM. Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. In our session we will demonstrate the various tools to start working STREAM into your classroom. From using domino mazes to create strategy codes with BB-8 Sphero. The use of dice and Perler Bead Mazes to have students start creating PBL learning with Ozobots. Using a Catchbox to engage an audiene with some play and engagng learning. How you can use a Theta to record a full 360 professional development or Genius Hour Session. Creating 3D printing achievement badges on a shoe string budget. Creating engaging GameJam learning experiences for students and teachers. We have everything: #coding #makerspace #ipaded #chromebook #sphero and more to try out. Join us to learn how to play with technology and bring Research and Art with your technology to your classroom and school.


Motivate to Educate

Let's share ideas, strategies, edtech tools, etc. that help engage and motivate students to want to learn in the classroom and to be successful in the classroom. Effective engagement leads to lasting learning moments.


Level up your classroom: Gamification

Would love to learn what works and what to avoid. Want to learn from others doing this or hear ideas others have for trying it.


reThinking Thinking / Learning

A think tank about thinking and learning to discuss the idea of an ed camp like summer symposium with a more focused goal of outside the box thinking and teaching that brings together not only educators (including administrators) but students and parents as well.


How Are We Grading Makerspaces and STEM Labs?

For those of us who have been building Makerlabs, grading students there is an entirely different beast. What are you doing, and can you share?


Sketchnoting In The Classroom

Sketchnotes are visual notes/journal entries/stories created from a mix of handwriting, drawings, words and shapes. Let's talk about sketchnoting and doodling in the classroom and why/how it improves student learning. Then let's get out our markers and try some sketchnoting of our own!


Professional Learning 2.0

Brainstorm session on ways you, your school, your district, are reimagining PD and PL. Hope to discuss credit options, online learning options, cohorts, PLCs, book studies, real-time real learning. We learn from each other, come brainstorm and share.


Tech or no Tech

How does a teacher decide when a tech based project or assignment is useful and meaningful or too time consuming? What decision factors go into deciding when the tech based idea takes away from the learning or enhances it? Can a classroom have too much technology?


Refreshing the ISTE Standards - Open Forum Discussion

A refresh of the ISTE Standards for Students is in the works! Much has changed in the education and technology worlds since the current standards were published back in 2007. This interactive session is designed to provoke a lively discussion about the competencies students need to learn and live in a connected world. Join us in discussing how the ISTE Standards for Students can be refreshed, and provide feedback on Draft#2.


Take Your Mobile Learning Initiative to the Next Level

How are you integrating mobile technology in the classroom? What does your mobile learning initiative look like? What is working and what isn't working? How are you evaluating your Mobile Learning implementation? Share ideas, successes, and pitfalls. Here how school teams across the country are participating in free professional development in order to take mobile learning to the next level in their school / district.



Communicating with Parents. Journaling/Blogging with Students


Advice for starting up a maker space

Dows your school/district have a maker space? Are you trying to start one up? Where do we begin? Do you have questions or tips to share? I'd love to hear them!


Why conferences?

What do you want from conferences?


Deeper Learning and Building Capacity

How can we, increase teacher capacity around Deeper Learning through innovative PD.


The Future of Sports is eSports

The Future of Sports is eSports

The future of sports is eSports. eSports, very simply, is competitive video games. This is not simply gamification. This is something much more and should be attractive for schools. eSports games include the likes of League of Legends, Starcraft II and DOTA. eSports combine creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. But more importantly, gamers (those who play eSports) are part of a rich worldwide community (the 5th C). Teams can play games from across the planet right from within their hometowns. Universities are starting to offer athletic scholarships based around eSports. They recognize this is a unique segment of the school population they would like to attract.

But how does one get started? What do we need? Which eSports games are right for my school culture? All these questions, and more, can be answered.


Innovations and Data Use in Assistive Technology

Innovations and Data Use in Assistive Technology: What are continued pain points in the field and how can we proactively address them by using data to match assistive technology and evaluate its effectiveness for students?


Speaking Characters as a means of teaching and learning


BYOT/BYOD Best Practices


Where does reading and research fit into this whole thing?



High Stakes Online Testing: Practices and Perils

Do they really show what kids know? Can the data be miss used?


Makerspace at the HS level