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News from the world of corporate communications, including the advertising, investor relations, marketing and public relations sectors.

How To Build A World-Class Crisis Communications Playbook -

Introducing Nasdaq’s new guide on building a Crisis Communication Playbook.

eSports Players’ Union Would Like Bathrooms Separate From Fans, Please -

... monetized Twitch-streams (Twitch is a live streaming video website focused on eSports) for pro gamers?

Musical Airline Seats -

Our concept of money is evolving, creating immediate opportunities for brands to connect with consumers in new ways. Learn more. We've all found ourselves

Dropping Pounds Is a Heavy Load for Millennials – and Gen Z -

The moms and dads of Millennials had an easier time losing weight than their adults kids do...

What To Expect When You're Both Expecting As A Lesbian Couple -

Do you speak the language of diversity? Learn More. Kate and Emily had been married for two years when they decided they wanted to have a baby. When they b

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Get Paid -

Consumers are fed up with how their data is being used to target them with advertising. What can they do?

Turning Old School PR Tactics into Engaging Digital Marketing Tools -

In fact, they can be even more valuable than ever when they are expanded beyond broadcast TV audiences and used as marketing tools...

Don’t Talk to Me That Way - #WomenNotObjects -

By Madonna Badger, Chief Creative Officer and Founder, Badger and Winters

I have objectified women (and men) many times during the 22 plus years that I’ve owned my ad agency, Badger and Winters, and this year, I made a promise to never objectify another human being again. On Dec 25th, 2011 my three children, Lily, Sarah and Grace and my Mom and Dad were killed in a fire. I was in the fire, but I lived. #WomenNotObjects

College Students See Gender As An Old-Fashioned Category -

Avoid the Comms Crisis: Learn the New Language of Gender Now

Eleven Questions You Must Ask Before Conducting Public Relations Research -

The need to relate an organization’s activities and investments to its overall goals and objectives is not confined to public relations...

To B2C, or Not to B2C – The 5 B2C Strategies B2Bs Should Steer Clear of in 2016 -

A new year is under way, but we're still seeing B2B companies and marketing managers adopting B2C tactics when it comes to social media...

Public Relations Explained: An Acceptance Speech 'Spoof' from Hollywood's Biggest Night Breaks It Down -

It would be rare to find a PR professional out there who is not routinely asked, "What exactly IS public relations?"

Millennials & Money: One Generation, Many Goals & Values -

In the 2016 Millennials & Money research, the Edelman Financial Services Sector and Edelman Intelligence teams explored...

Press Release Templates to Power Your PR and Content Marketing -

Although the press release is a tried-and-true tactic for brand communications...

Why Trump’s Pick for VP Could Pave The Way to the White House -

As Donald Trump bulldozes his way to the Republican nomination, Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Media, explains  what Trump can do to virtuall

Facebook Reactions - How Will They Impact Engagement Measurement? -

The day is here! Yesterday Facebook officially debuted their new “Like” feature, calling it Facebook Reactions.

Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Media Monitoring and Targeting Tool -

Ask these four questions of the media monitoring and targeting tools you’re considering to determine which one will work best for you.

#AskGaryVee Says Ignore Everything Between the Clouds and Dirt -

If you liked this article and you want to read more about my business tactics and philosophies, check out my new book #AskGaryVee.

Are You A Zucchini-Sexual? -, the site that is trying to educate people on the myriad ways you can be interested in someone that might not be sexual.

3 Ways Digital Asset Management Can be Considered an All-Star Employee -

It’s a digital asset management (DAM) system and it can dramatically improve the marketing experience by providing quick access to...

Resistance Is Futile - The Content Revolution is Here -

Does this mean social is dead? No – but it does mean the content revolution is underway.

The Productivity Secret Of The Best Leaders -

Understand the 3 biggest problems leaders face and what you can do to fix them; the secret to time management and productivity...

eSports Have Revitalized PC Gaming Industry -

How to engage with the world's fastest growing sports audience Reports of PC gaming's death have been greatly exaggerated. Although some predicted that gam

News Cycle Management as Political Communication -

Political media – the intersection between news coverage of campaigns and the communications strategies employed by candidates...

You Can’t Buy The Vote, But You Can Brand It -

A voter-centric candidate puts their voters first and to talk about themselves less. You cannot buy the vote.