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Useful Microsoft in Education posts this week #40

10 Microsoft Office Tricks to Make Your Life Easier | OnTheHub

When you’re on deadline, the last thing you want to do is waste time performing tedious tasks in Microsoft Office, especially when those tasks could’ve bee

SchoolNet SA - IT's a Great Idea: Use PowerPoint online to display and even embed your students creative writing...

One Drive is a free Microsoft application that gives you free access to a range of Microsoft Office products. I discovered recently that it is a great way to display students' stories (or whaever else) that are written in PowerPoint, online by uploading them to PowerPoint online in Microsoft. I

Time to retire pen and paper? New Microsoft Garage app Plumbago reimagines digital notetaking - The Fire Hose

Even though we all carry high-tech digital devices, taking notes with pen or pencil and paper is still very much alive in households, businesses and [ ...]

You’ve Been Taking Screenshots the Slow Way All This Time

Screenshots are useful for a lot of things -- I won't ramble on about all of the possibilities here -- but Windows doesn't exactly make it easy to take them. Print Screen is always an option (as is Alt + Print Screen), but then you have to open an image editor, paste from the clipboard, crop…

Project collaboration and communication with Sway - Microsoft in Education Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Empowering every student to achieve more. Technology allows us to dream of what the future of education could be. Learning is changing and students today need to be able to collaborate, communicate and demonstrate flexibility in how they solve problems in order to thrive and achieve their goals.

At Microsoft, we believe providing quality education to the 1.4 billion students around the world is essential to the future of our society. Effective, immersive learning experiences inspire students to demonstrate creative thinking. The right technology can empower education, inspire learning anywhere, and unlock the potential of students, educators, and schools. To make this technology available worldwide we partner with education communities, delivering solutions, services and programs that enhance learning and school management.

Microsoft in education empowers educators to:

• Inspire students to create and demonstrate critical thinking
• Learn anytime, anywhere
• Prepare students for their futures
• Transform and modernize schools and college campuses

BYOD with OneNote Class Notebooks—classroom learning with any device on any platform - Office Blogs

Using OneNote Class Notebooks allows me to teach in ways I couldn’t before. My students have benefitted, and I know that they have learned some skills that they can use to help them now and in the future.

Introducing Office Lens

A magic, a powerful scanner app in your classroom

Introduction to PowerPoint 2013

Full video introduction into using PowerPoint 2013. Learn all the basics of PowerPoint. Powerpoint training videos 101

Check out these Five Free OneNote Add-Ons and Tools

Easily expand the capabilities of Microsoft's OneNote program with these five free add-ons and tools.

5 Ways Office Mix Will Transform How You Teach

, published by Marija on 1. Khan Academy-like Video Lessons
I can now create Khan Academy-like videos in two simple steps, add a new blank slide and start
recording. I can upload my videos to Mix with just one click and share them with my students. Or save the mixes as videos and put them on a CD for the students with internet connection