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Updated by Roger Gary on Feb 17, 2016
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Street Food you must try in Bangkok – Alluring Asian city

If you are travelling with high expectations of treating your taste-buds to unimaginable treats, Bangkok will not disappoint. Fresh fragrant & exotic ingredients combine to create these street dishes.


Khao tom

This is a light rice porridge that is made from pork or chicken stock. Apart for the rice you will find bits of pork or chicken seasoned with fish sauce; it is a hearty dish that can be trumped up with any other sauces or condiments of your choice.


Kapoh Pla

This is a typical breakfast that is eaten around China town in Bangkok. The roadside stalls selling the soup will readily dish up a steaming cup for you. Kapoh Pla is a thick fish maw soup which is made with dried fish organs that are soaked in chicken broth. Also added to the dish is crabmeat, bean sprouts and mushrooms.


Pad Thai

This is a dish of Thai noodles that are wok fried together with egg, bean sprouts, meat or seafood, fennel and crunchy veges. It is enhanced with ground peanuts, palm sugar, chilli powder and fish sauce. Head over to the vicinity of the Chao Phraya River and sit down for a delicious meal at one of the excellent Riverside restaurants Bangkok has to offer. Overlooking this verdant landscape is the Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, which many consider when looking for accommodation in Bangkok.


Boat Noodles

Now if you like any typical tourist to Bangkok, decides to browse the floating markets of Bangkok, savouring this comforting dish is quite a treat. Locally known as Kuay Teow Sen Lek the dish is sold by vendors meandering their way across the canals, enticing passers with the fragrant smell of the noodle soup. The soup is a hearty meal that includes pork meat balls, pork or beef slices amidst steaming noodles. The main ingredient however is pigs blood which is first added to the bowl over which the piping hot broth is poured to cook the blood.


Chicken or Pork

Hot peppery and loaded with flavour the chicken or pork dishes are a must try when savouring Bangkok street food. Mind you it can be quite spicy. The meat is generally an accompaniment to rice with chilli sauce and can be topped up with seafood, crunchy vegetables or any other ingredient you like.


Kaho Niew Ma Muan

Also called mango sticky rice this is a heavenly sweet dish. There are loads of stalls along the streets of Bangkok offering this famous dessert. It is a concoction of sticky jasmine rice, sweet mango and creamy coconut.


Coconut Ice Cream

Continuing on the sweet trend you may want to head over to the well-known coconut ice cream stall at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. The strange topping's make an excellent combination and creates a riot of flavours on your taste-buds. You can choose toppings of peanuts, corn, glutinous rice or sticky rice. The ice cream interestingly is served inside a coconut shell with a side order of coconut pulp and coconut water.