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Updated by Marti Gardner on Mar 02, 2016
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Food and Drinks to try in Maldives – Exotic New Flavours

The Maldives is a whole new adventure to many first timers on the islands. Likewise the cuisine there will prove to be quite exotic, from the flavoursome local dishes to succulent seafood and more.


Fihunu Mas

This dish consists of basted and barbequed fish. Now in the middle of all the delicious Maldivian cuisine, if you do get a hankering for any other type of cuisine such as Thai, Japanese or European, make sure you book accommodation at one of the luxury Maldives beach hotels offering dining by design and varied in-house restaurants in Maldives to choose from. In South Male Atoll is the Anantara Veli Maldives Resort.


The Food

Note that 99% of the Maldives belongs to the sea; as such seafood plays a major role in Maldivian cuisine. Of this, Tuna is the most famous. Maldivian cuisine is also influenced by the nearby nations like Sri Lanka, India and Arabia, while the luxury Maldives resorts offer an excellent choice and variety in western cuisine. Male is your best bet for browsing the best local restaurants. Make sure to visit the local eateries known as hotau for an authentic taste in local cuisine.



Coconuts play a major role in cooking Maldivian food. You will find that food is most often deep fried in coconut oil. Grated coconut is also used as a form of garnish for many dishes and desserts. Coconut milk is used to make thick creamy curries for accompaniments in many dishes. The sweet spicy taste of curry made from coconut is quite addictive; favourites are prawn and fish curry.



Rice is a main accompaniment. It is usually eaten soaked in delicious and fragrant curry. Rice although a staple food in the Maldives, is not grown there.



This is a flavoursome fish broth that is served with rice, onions, chilli and lime. It's a fabulous comfort food and the broth is quite wholesome.


Mas Huni

This is a very exotic dish made with shredded smoked fish that is mixed with freshly grated milky coconut and onions. It is a favourite Maldivian breakfast dish.


Local Snacks

The local word for snacks is Hedhikaa; these are available at the local eateries and are quite popular. Bajiya, a crispy pastry filled with fish, coconut and onion is a hit among most travellers, Gulha similar to the former are also crispy pastry balls filled with delicious fish. Those looking for something spicy, Kulhi Boakiba, an exotic fish cake is a must try out. Keemia, deep fried pastry rolls stuffed with fish as well as Thelui Mas can also be seen regularly on the menus. Masroshi also called Mas huni is a delicacy cooked with shredded fish, coconuts and onions which is later wrapped in roshi bread and baked is a mouth watering delight in the Maldives.



The safest is bottled water in the Maldives. As a Muslim nation, alcohol is not permitted other than in resorts. The locals drink tea, sai and a fermented toddy drink called Raa. Toddy is obtained from the coconut tree.