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Updated by Samantha D. Williams-Burris on Sep 18, 2022
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5 Must Read Relationship Articles

Providing tips and practical suggestions to make your relationship work. @PoetryandReviews

5 Marital Affairs you DARE NOT SHARE! - Poetry & Reviews

If you’re newly married or you’ve been going at it for years, here are some marital affairs you should never ponder discussing with friends or relatives, regardless of how close you are.

6 Relationship Goals you Need to Set

“The way I am running is not aimlessly; the way I am aiming my blows is so as not to be striking the air”. Setting relationship goals show direction and extensively stability. They create a sense of security and certainty. Have you differentiated goals within your relationship?

7 Things Every Woman Wants in her Relationship - Poetry & Reviews

Writing from a woman’s perspective, guys tend to believe women want too much. I vehemently believe, without reserve, that men clearly do not understand our intricacies and complex mental makeup. That’s it! But… women, as stubborn and hardcore as we can be, we yearn for a few sparks in our relationships. We do not want much, but we do require these 7 things from our men

4 reasons why he won't commit - Poetry & Reviews

It seems that everywhere you go on the Internet, you are being bombarded with advice from this or that site about what to do to get your Mr. Right to pop the question. In reality, a lot of those so called expert advice is given by people who are in the same position. If it has not worked for them, why would it work for you? Having analyzed the matter and a successful experience, there are actually four main reasons why he won’t commit:

How to break up with someone you love in different scenarios - Poetry & Reviews

Many people in relationships fail to recognize a serious reality. This reality stems from the fact that some relationships are a waste of time. I’m definitely not one to censure anyone for their decisions but guess what? When relationships go bad, you definitely need to ‘get the message’ and take a hike. For whatever reasons you find yourself having doubts and simply wanting out, that’s fine with me (except of course in a situation where you’ve made an oath. I’m in no way endorsing a divorce). There’s a right way to end a relationship and then there’s the inhumane way to do so. If you’re tired of putting up with crap, here’s how to break up with someone you love.