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Updated by on May 17, 2016
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Mobile Tech

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What Is Apple Pay? -

Apple announced its first mobile payment and digital wallet service simply called Apple Pay.

What You Need To Know About The LG G5! -

If you’re an LG fan, you would probably be expecting the launch of LG’s newest mobile phone – LG G5. We’ve scouted around the internet and have compiled rumours about the device’s release date, specs and features.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Preview! -

Here's what we've gathered for this Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Preview! Hear what's been flying about on what we can expect for the upcoming devices.

Apple iPhone 7 Rumors -

Here’s a roundup of what’s been speculated based on the latest Apple iPhone 7 Rumors. Will it follow the trend of leaps of design from its predecessors?

Introducing The NEW HTC One M10 -

The HTC One M10 is the next flagship smartphone, at the top of the price range, from HTC and all we can hope for is that is sticks to HTC’s record.

Travelling With A Cellphone and How To Avoid Expensive Roaming Charges -

Being able to use an international Sim card can save you from the cost of expensive roaming charges and expensive travel add-on plans from your original carrier.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Introduces The Dual Pixel Auto Focus Camera -

The Galaxy S7 will feature one more added bonus to the camera which includes the Dual Pixel Autofocus as a new feature.

Xiaomi Mi5 News and Rumors -

The new and upcoming Xiaomi Mi5 has an exciting new release that is due to debut this month and fans are more than excited to see the sneak peek that has been offered by the popular phone company in China.

Will The Sony Xperia X Be Better Than The Sony Z Series?

We’ve heard a bit about the release of the Sony Xperia X, however, a release date is not yet being announced. Sony is still keeping a tight lip on this one.

Did Samsung Create A Phone Than The Galaxy S7 For Cheaper?

Rumours of a Samsung Galaxy A9 have been floating around for a while now. Recently, we have discovered many information regarding the new phone.

LG Stylus 2 News and Rumors -

LG Stylus 2 News: The biggest development is the phone’s namesake feature: the stylus. Apparently the pen will have a “nano-coated tip”.

The Familiar but All-New Apple iPhone SE -

Great things come in small packages. Big phones have been a hit, but it looks like Apple has set out to prove us wrong with the new Apple iPhone SE.

Take The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active On An Adventure! -

The S6 Active lost the beautiful glass backing of the regular S6 in favour of a stronger, thicker, plastic and rubber body to aid in shock resistance. Instead of putting a case on the phone to protect it from falls and cracking the screen, it almost feels like the phone has a case built right on. Perfect for the active people who like to take their phones hiking, camping, or river-rafting. Given that the the Active phones have been pretty popular in the past, we weren’t all that surprised to hear that Samsung has accidentally revealed the existence of the Galaxy S7 Active by adding it to the list of supported devices in the Samsung Level App that’s found in the Play Store.

HTC 10 - Released! -

The HTC 10 is HTC’s latest hope of finally making their big splash into the mobile world. With a great display and camera, it stands up to its competitors.

Blackberry Rome & Hamburg - Blog

With the success of the first Android-powered device, it seems like they are set on continuing the combination. The Blackberry Rome and Hamburg.

Why You Should Wait For The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 - Blog

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 may be the next big thing according to the latest rumors. Samsung is well known to load up with the latest and greatest features .

5 Great Reasons To Unlock Your Phone - Blog

Carriers usually provide phones for new or existing customers to choose from when using their services. Here is 5 Great Reasons To Unlock Your Phone.

Huawei GR5 And What It Is - Blog

It has a lightweight aluminum unibody that encases a 5.5” screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The back has a brushed metal finish.

Samsung Foldable Phone - Blog

onsumers have grown familiar with the nice but predictable Galaxy devices, but it seems like Samsung may finally be trying to shake up their tech.