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The Most Important Local SEO Decisions You Better Get Right Today

Top Tactics To Improve Your Local Search Rank:
1. Google Local Settings
2. Title Tags
3. Which Directories to Use
4. Getting Google +1’s and Reviews
5. Location, Location, Location (NAP on page)
6. Google Map
When I started my business a while back, Google was still the search engine of choice, but utilizing PPC ads and some dated SEO tactics were en vogue at the time to get on Google’s results page #1. Today, competition as we all know is super high in most major national and local markets, and there exists recent Local SEO tactics which businesses must get right or their search rank won’t be as strong as it can. In this post, I am sharing some current top Local SEO tactics that businesses should incorporate to help increase their chances of getting found in their local market, increase their online traffic and generate more leads. In my experience, utilizing these Local SEO tactics for my clients has helped them capitalize immensely by attaining page #1 Google rank for their top search terms and 3x – 5x growth in their organic search traffic. They work. Quick Chart before we dive in. Hmm, does page rank still really matter???

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Effective Keyword Strategy & Use For Great SEO Results

As any solid SEO strategist knows, an effective content marketing strategy involves a lot of keyword research. In fact, content marketing really commences with keyword research as it serves as the foundation & backbone for all your campaigns. Of course your brand and your products would serve as the nucleus beneath this research. So what’s the next step in doing your research and how does one go about choosing what to do with these keywords? How should we disperse these keywords we discover across our site, social media, blog and other channels? This is a common question I receive when I am working with a lot of my clients or anyone that is trying to increase their presence online with content marketing. So as discussed earlier in this post, every company should start with their own core brand and from there do some research on their target audience. This is where a lot of marketing teams will develop personas which are essentially caricatures of their targets which provide some insight into their demographic and pyschographic behavior. Once you have these basics down which will help you with your target’s buyer behaviour, you can then start to develop your content marketing campaign. This is where the Keyword Research process starts.

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All You Need for Mobile SEO

All You Need for Mobile SEO

The Definitive Guide To Technical Mobile SEO At SMX Advanced, I moderated a panel about technical SEO. Google’s Maile Ohye spoke about SEO best practices for technical implementation of mobile sites based on how Google crawls, indexed, and ranks mobile content and presents it to searchers on mobile devices. She also talked about Google’s recent announcement that the mobile user experience is a factor in how Google ranks results for smartphone searchers. Below are more details on that, as well as resources on how best to architect your site’s mobile experience for optimal search acquisition (and happy mobile users). Responsive Design, Dynamic Content, or Mobile URLs? If you’re designing the mobile experience from scratch, this question is the first place to start. If you already have a mobile experience set up, then you can just jump to the section that applies to your site. All three options work well for users and for Google, so use the best implementation based on your infrastructure, content, and audience. Implementation URLs Content Responsive design One URL for both desktop and mobile The page serves basically the same content to all users but detects the device and screen size and builds the layout accordingly. As the screen size gets smaller, the page may show fewer images, less text, or a simplified navigation. Dynamic Serving One URL for both desktop and mobile The page serves different content to users of different devices. Mobile URLs Different URLs for desktop and mobile The mobile and desktop experience might be completely different. Responsive Design Using responsive design that detects the device and adjusts the layout accordingly can be a great one-size fits all implementation.

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The Best Free Marketing Tool You Don’t Use

As an online marketing professional who helps companies with their online marketing needs (SEO, social media, mobile marketing, etc.), I have noticed an interesting and somewhat alarming trend in the online marketing world. I have found over the years that my clients for the most part consistently do not take advantage of Google’s Webmaster Tools. In fact, I have found that a fair amount of the companies that I have worked with don’t event know what GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) are. Now, I fully understand why these companies might not have heard of them or simply don’t have the time to utilize these valuable free tools because most of these people are too busy running their companies, hence it’s why they are reaching out for marketing help. Anyway, it’s not only this crowd that is not reaping the benefits of this free Google tool, but I have found that many friends with accomplished degrees in marketing are rather oblivious too. So what makes Google’s Webmaster Tools so great? Let’s start with a little background on the tools and its easy to see their value. Google Webmaster Tools is the primary way that Google communicates with webmasters or site owners. Hence, it is a very helpful tool as it provides great traffic data and insight about your site, helps you to identify issues (eg. duplicate content, SEO infractions, etc.) with your site and even lets you know if your site has been infected with malware. You can also use this tool to see which of your landing pages is receiving the most impressions, its rank on Google search engine results and the number of clicks from visitors. Webmaster tools is also a great resource for learning about tactics which will help your site get found more easily on the internet and Google’s preferred methods for this.

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The Necessary Ingredients in SEO

As all of us on the web are trying to crack the SEO riddle while the algorithims keep being updated and modified, it’s nice to know as an online marketer which elements of SEO one should really focus on or another words what does Google value the most and the least. Well SearchEngineLand recently produced an easy to read Periodic Chart which displays the various factors that engines measure and it even assigns a value to each factor so that one can understand how important it really is for SEO. Cool!! I think this will be the first periodic chart that I actually remember as the one I memorized in 8th grade is way too far back in the recesses of my head these days. Anyway, please use this chart for a better understanding of what to focus on. In regards to On Page SEO tactics, the chart clearly assesses the most value to Content as the three factors under Content (excluding the 4th) add up to the highest value while HTML is 2nd. This is really no surprise, but it sure does spell out while content marketing is all the rage these days and why you had better be on your game. In regards to the Off Page SEO tactics, I think it is safe to give the nod to links as we all know that is really the big one. Now the great thing about this chart is that it even goes into some of the negative factors that can get one in trouble in SEO, so be sure to take a close look at those as they can be quite costly.

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The importance of Local SEO for small businesses in cities is vital to stay ahead of their competition as well as to simply be found. I was chatting with a friend the other day about his Local SEO tactics and it reminded me of a somewhat recent report that highlighted the cost of having incorrect info for your local business. The report shows how many local businesses actually don’t have their business listed locally on major search engines. YIKES! The percentage that don’t is not staggering or alarming, but the overall percentage with errors in their listing is. So if you are reading this now and you control this listing for your business, you might want to check out your local search listing info ASAP before your boss does to make sure you still have a seat next week. Again, this might seem like a small error or a common oversight that just happens, but when you have over 70% of search traffic looking for local products and services, a small error can really hurt you.

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Things That Really Matter for Any Business’ SEO Strategies

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the many ways of marketing on the internet and it is becoming synonymous with content marketing. How effective a business’ SEO is, depends on many different factors. At the end of the day, every online business, small or big, needs to have a proper SEO strategy in order to make the most of their search engine rank and overall online visibility to improve their online traffic. There are other methods for businesses to remain visible and easily searchable online but proper search engine optimization is the most effective since it gives you visibility on search engines where billions of searches are performed every single day.

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One of my clients who started his own personal fitness business a little over a year ago has done an excellent job at promoting his business online as well as engaging and growing his online audience. For this post, I thought it would be interesting for other small business owners and marketers to learn a little bit about how he did it. For a little background, before this venture he was managing a very popular restaurant here in Boston and doing very well at it. For those of you in the hospitality business, you will most likely understand why my friend simply got worn out from this exhausting work. The hours are very long and little time for a break. So due to the tiring schedule as well as lack of fulfillment, my friend decided to follow a passion of his, health & fitness. He really quite honestly felt it was his calling and it was inspiring to observe this relevation come about.

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How to Increase Your Online Visibility

How to Increase Your Online Visibility

Simple Effective Ways to Get Free Backlinks

According to recent studies, around 50% of purchase orders, whether goods or services, start with submitting a query to a search engine. People also rely more and more on online reviews about a particular business and being available and helpful to your customers on social media is something that can’t be ignored anymore.
Despite the steady update to Google’s algorithms, backlinks are still a very important factor with Google when ranking a website for a particular keyword. The most encouraged white hat tactic for getting backlinks is to create compelling content that naturally earns backlinks. But some content will never be seen on the internet and you need exceptional marketing tactics to get noticed these days. Just passively waiting for people to find your “great” content won’t help your business at all. Post and pray just won’t work today in a world where millions of blogs are being posted every day.
On the other hand, small businesses have a very limited budget when it comes to marketing and need creative ways to get visibility without spending much money on professional Search Engine Optimization agencies. In this article, we’ll show you some free or low budget tactics that are totally white hat and will help you get quality backlinks.

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Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses on a Budget

Marketing a small business doesn’t have to make you bankrupt. The digital marketing era offers tons of opportunities for creative minds to effectively market their businesses with low costs. Many small business owners may think that to successfully market their products and services they have to turn to professional agencies and spend a huge budget. To eliminate this belief, we’ve put together a list of 7 hands-on, low-budget marketing ideas that will help you promote your business.

Here are our Marketing tactics for your small business

Referral program

A referral program helps you to mobilize your existing user base to help you find new customers. It is a fantastic way to motivate people to become advertisers of your products or services. A referral program is a general concept that comprises partner programs, customer referral programs, and affiliate programs.

Email Marketing

Emails are an easy and inexpensive way to promote your products and services directly to your potential or current customers. It has been proven over and over again that email marketing is definitely not dead and is actually the golden goose of most marketing departments. Setting up an email campaign is also not very difficult from the technical point of view and small businesses can easily launch and manage their email marketing campaigns through web applications like MailChimp.

Participate in speaking engagements

Speaking engagements enable you to promote your products or services to potential clients. Whether it is a speaking opportunity at a local high school class or a town hall meeting, always say “yes” and accept invitations as a speaker. These opportunities not only help you to hone your public speaking and PR skills but also give you ample opportunity to educate potential customers about your products and services.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the art of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content that helps you to drive meaningful and related traffic to your website and in turn increases you customer acquisition. Content marketing encompasses the creation and distribution of all sorts of content pieces aimed at different audiences on a variety of channels. These pieces include e-books, webinars, case studies, white papers, blog posts, podcasts and more.

Search Engine Optimization

You may have already heard about search engine optimization (SEO) and may have tried it yourself, but for those of us who are totally new, it is a process that effectively increases a website’s visibility on organic (not paid) search engine result pages. SEO works hand in hand with content marketing and will help you to establish a reputation as an authoritative voice in a particular niche. This, in turn, will increase your new customer acquisition through organic search results and will help you to better market your small business. These days it’s really best to focus on creating the best online experience possible for your target market and to have content on your site that essentially helps your prospects through the sales funnel (from prospect > to lead > to purchase > then retention). You will also need to build your authority in your market as well by effectively producing valuable content that other authority players in your market deem helpful, unique and shareable.

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