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Updated by Vinee Bionso on Feb 16, 2016
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5 Best Thing to do in Beruwela – Coastal City of Sun Sand and Fun

Beruwela is a happy little fishing hamlet and popular tourist resort of southern Sri Lanka. Enjoy invigorating water sports, browsing local markets, exploring temples and scouring the backwaters.


Enjoy the Delights of a Papaya

Now in Sri Lanka the papaya is quite a common fruit. The smaller yellow version is freely available throughout the country and when not in season tends to be a bit pricey. It is mainly eaten as a breakfast fruit or in a fruit salad. You will find that many of the Beruwela markets sell the succulent fruit. It will also definitely be on the fruit platter of any Beruwela hotel you are staying at. Choose the redder version for a sweeter taste. The variety known as 'Red Lady' is seedless.


Try some Mango

Juicy mangoes are available in plenty in Beruwela. Perfect for long hot summer days the mango is well known for its hydrating quality. The best time for the richest mangoes is in 'mango season'. You will find that in Beruwela there are achacharu – pickle stands that sell strips of unripen mango tossed with salt, chilli, soy sauce and a dash of sugar for a unique taste. A definite must try when in Sri Lanka.


Enjoy a Day Trip

Beruwela is quite central to many attractions making it an ideal location from which to enjoy a day trip. Choose from any one of the attractive excursions that your hotel tour desk will be able to provide. There's the Bentota River excursion, the day trip to the Kande Viharaya in Aluthgama and if you are a lover of nature and an architecture buff do make a day trip to the Geoffrey Bawa Garden in Bentota. Lunuganaga is a stunning multifaceted landscape designed by the indigenous architect; who by the way has also designed the unique Heritance hotels of Sri Lanka. The gardens are an iconic attraction where one can take up day tours, boat tours and animal conservation programmes. The gardens guarantee to leave you in awe of nature and its marvellous designer.

A Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Resort will encompass all the holistic surroundings you will encounter at the garden and is a great abode for a holiday full of rest and relaxation. Sitting on the golden sands of Beruwela is the Heritance Ayurveda Mahagedara.


Visit the Turtle Hatchery

The turtle hatcheries located along the southern coast of Sri Lanka are quite serious on the task of Turtle Conservation. The dedicated team will stand watch until the female has laid her 100 to 150 eggs and will gather them up and transport them to the hatcheries. There once hatched the baby turtles are released into the sea when ready. You will be able to observe all stages of the turtles as well as see some of the permanent residents. These are adult turtles that have lost limbs due to being caught in fishing nets etc. At the hatcheries are the popular green turtles, hawks bill and leatherbacks. Some hatcheries allow visitors to hold the turtles; but always ask first.


Visit the Galle Fort

The Galle Fort built by the Dutch during Sri Lanka's colonial heydays is quite a fascinating place to explore. Galle is also a coastal city located a few kilometres further east from Beruwela. The fort now well restored is home to a fascinating marine museum, criss cross of cobblestone streets and cosy cafes to sit and sip a cup of tea. The old ramparts look out to a turquoise blue sea while the invigorating sea breeze, vendors selling traditional rolls of lace called 'Beeralau' and throngs of happy crowds add a lovely holiday ambiance to the place.