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Why Magento is Considered as the Best eCommerce Platform?

It is a known fact that Magento holds the maximum share for the eCommerce sites developed in its platform and it cannot without a strong reason. It is an open source online store development platform with very unique and robust features and functions that give the freedom to the developers and users to create a website as per their requirement.
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Why SEO is Important for E-commerce Websites? -

Why SEO is Important for E-commerce Websites?
SEO is an integral part of building a successful brand. It helps a brand to get recognized on the digital platform. Despite this, several brands neglect this low cost, high ly recognized business strategy,...

Why Magento is the Perfect Platform for Cross-Border E-commerce Sales? – Magento Store Blog

E-commerce business is growing at a rapid pace and people prefer buying online as it is convenient as well as simple to operate. Most of the brands are moving to online stores to earn higher revenue, increase ROI and acquire a potential customer base. So, as a brand owner, if you are looking to launch an online store for global sales, you need to decide a platform to build your online business. There are several platforms available, but Magento is the best one to go for. In this blog post, we will discuss why Magento is the best platform with several prominent features. Magento development company integrates the below features to build an E-commerce website of your dreams. Let’s dive into its features:

How to Improve the Security of a Magento E-commerce Website for Optimized Performance? – Magento Store Blog

Magento has become a major platform for the e-commerce industry because of its innovative features. The best thing about Magento is the inbuilt security standards. Unlike other development platforms where security is not significant, for Magento, security is one of the core elements of the E-commerce website. Security is the major concern for all E-commerce stores because thousands of buyers important data is stored and hackers always look for small vulnerabilities to trace them. Thus, security is important if anyone is thinking about starting a Magento store. However, very few merchants know that Magento offers incredible security standards. Thus, it is advised to hire Magento development services to build a secure and smooth online store. Cyber-criminals are always in search of a coding weakness in the E-commerce stores so that they can get inside. The major activities performed by hackers are:
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Magento Commerce Spells Bright Future For eCommerce Businesses – Magento Store Blog

The eCommerce landscape has evolved over the years and not keeping pace with the latest trends can be fatal for your business. A good-looking and functionally-enhanced eCommerce store is what you would need to open up your opportunities. This is where the choice of the right development platform can make all the difference. Considering the features that Magento offers and the consistent demand for Magento eCommerce development services, it can be regarded as one of the leading platforms.

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Why it is Important to have PWA for Magento E-commerce Website? – Magento Store Blog

Magento is one of the most preferred platforms for web developers and online store owners. The platform offers plenty of remarkable features to developers and has added another remarkable feature named PWA Studio. This studio is designed to build Progressive Web Apps for Magento E-commerce websites. Developers can access a set of tools to build online stores that run like applications. Businesses can avail benefits like high conversions and making a website responsive across multiple devices with the support of PWA. It can bring plenty of benefits to the E-commerce website and if you are planning to start an online business, you can hire Magento web development company for the desired business solution. Below we discuss the best business benefits of PWA for an online store:

Why Magento CMS is Widely Used for E-commerce Store Development? -

An E-commerce website is a perfect platform for enterprises to move to online business. Brands now don't have to worry regarding expanding their services to the potential audience. Websites are easy to access from any location and users can also purchase products of their choice from their house at any time. The craze of e-commerce stores has created a tough situation for the developers to select from hundreds of development platforms present in the market. The primary condition of an e-store development is to make the store user-friendly.

If you own a retail business and looking for an online presence of your business then choose the right platform as well as right development firm which can develop an engaging website for you meeting all of your business needs. Magento is the best and most recommended e-Commerce platform having incredible in-built features. If want e-commerce store then you can hire Magento web development company to build a quality website. Now we will find out the major benefits of choosing Magento for an e-commerce store development.

  1. Open-Source

Magento is the only open source platform giving developers original code to use without any cost. Hence, a developer can perform necessary changes, adjustments, and modifications. This is one of the biggest reasons behind Magento immense success. It is not a common thing to make the source code free for everyone, making everything transparent for everyone. Maybe, this is why this CMS is so popular and tops the list of the platforms for e-commerce from the last five years in a row.
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Why Magento CMS is More in Demand for E-commerce Business? – Magento Store Blog

Magento is one of the most recommended and powerful E-commerce platforms all over the world and it is completely transforming the online business. It is an open-source PHP Framework that is robust enough to build modern & dynamic web applications having powerful E-commerce features. It provides services which reduce the efforts of brands to promote their E-commerce services by campaigns, marketing and SEO. As it has all the inbuilt features which a brand requires to reach the target audience.

Most people know that Magento is the best open-source platform to build E-commerce sites. With its extraordinary features and functionalities, it offers all important features for every single store. It has become the first choice for brands looking to operate multi-store from a single admin. Magento E-commerce development is the preferred choice of brands as this CMS is a cheap technology platform, that let you manage the content, performance, user interface of the online store.

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In the last few years E-commerce industry has seen huge growth and most of the business operating in the traditional way is switching to online operations. However, with multiple platforms available for store development, it becomes very difficult for the merchants to select one. But for most of the store owners, Magento is the prime consideration for an e-commerce project. Let’s check some important facts to understand why Magento is referred by experts as an E-commerce giant.

  1. Open Source Magento is an open-source platform released and built using PHP language. By using the latest technologies, Magento offers several distinct benefits over its competitors. The platform has an adaptable structure and can be customized as per the business requirement to exactly fit in the project requirements. With open-source nature, the platform ensures a robust performance and advanced security for store owners and developers. Magento is the only open-source code platform that offers original code to the developers at free cost. Hence, a developer and store owner can apply for important extensions and modify entities as per requirement. This is one of the biggest reasons for Magento incredible success.

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Magento 2.3.2 Release: Features That Will Amaze You – Magento Store Blog

Are you still using an old version of Magento to operate your E-commerce store? If yes, simply migrate to Magento 2.3.2, for latest features and security updates. In this blog post, all important features are mentioned below and step to update to the latest version. After going through this content, we guarantee that you will experience smooth store operation and higher ROI. Just implement this version for the betterment of your store. Without further delay, let’s discuss the significant features present in Magento 2.3.2.

  1. Improved Performance

Many store owners and shoppers complained about the performance. They were experiencing sluggishness and lack of smoothness in-store navigation. In order to address it, developers fixed these shortcomings in the latest version. The major improvements are:

Fast loading of product images, similar to page content.

An improvement of 90% in browsing for sellers and buyers with large product options.

Considerable boost in page-load speed.

Redesign of checkout page that helps store merchants operating on different addresses.

Overall fast Magento 2 development services for business enterprises.

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Top Indispensable Tips To Boost Your Magento E-commerce Store Sales – Magento Store Blog

Online promotion is one of the most prominent ways to promote products and services. Whether you are a startup or industry giant selling goods from a Magento E-commerce store, always require regular promotion to acquire new buyers. Running a successful online store needs a better understanding of multiple factors like buyer behaviors, marketing trends, and what innovative your store can offer. To address this you need proper marketing practices to sell products in an effective manner. Although Magento is a great CMS for E-commerce stores, still efforts are needed to improve the sales of your store. You will get plenty of features to create an interactive Magento store. But for better business results, you require best practices for higher conversions and ROI.

Let’s look at some tips to boost store sales and improve the online shopping experience of a buyer.

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How To Boost Magento Store Search Engine Ranking with Killer SEO Tips? – Magento Store Blog

Magento is one of the most popular and fastest-growing, E-commerce platform, and without any doubt, it has become a necessity in today’s marketplace. The innovative and customized features make it a perfect platform for online business. If you are looking to build your e-commerce store or looking to enhance your online presence and boost your conversions, Magento is the premier platform for growth. Another benefit of this CMS is the availability of Magento SEO services. People looking to build an E-store can avail SEO services for optimized results.

Important Ground Rules To Promote An E-commerce Website – Magento Store Blog

Setting up an online store is very different from promoting it online in an effective manner so that enough people purchase from the E-commerce store. What this actually means is that running an E-commerce is not a simple job to perform, because it requires real efforts, planning, and execution of strategy. And, it requires regular efforts on a daily basis to ensure that you are ahead of the competitors. However, on the brighter side of things, if you are aware of marketing your business online and promoting the online store in the right direction, you might get the desired results. In simple words, it’s all about promoting appropriately and make an impact on the target audience. Most of the websites are developed on Magento platform and Magento E-commerce development is in high-demand nowadays for desired business results. Let’s find how to promote a website.

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Top 5 Interesting Facts To Know About Magento CMS – Magento Store Blog

Magento is a leading platform for E-commerce store development as it gained popularity soon after its launch in 2008. Multiple development platforms were already available, but its open-source code, easy to avail, and latest features made store owners adopt it soon. The E-commerce industry lacked the availability of a quality platform that can aid merchants to showcase their products and services on the virtual platform. Magento addressed the issue with a much-anticipated platform having all the features with all the functionalities of an online store. This has proved to be beneficial for enterprises planning to move to online selling business.

Thus, this amazing platform has opened a plethora of opportunities for online merchants as well as developers and agencies. Just like any other development platform, Magento has also experienced highs and lows. There had been problems with the code during its early release. People were new to it, the ownership changed multiple times, and several updates were made. Standing firmly against all the challenges makes Magento a high-quality E-commerce platform and is currently used by renowned online stores. The demand for Magento development company has seen a huge growth in the past few years. Some of the interesting facts about this platform are mentioned in the blog which seems quite unique for some developers.

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Top Magento Development Trends To Integrate Into E-commerce Website - - Magento Development

Over the years, Magento has become the preferred choice for the E-commerce development website. Currently, it has thousands of online stores operating on it, with some of the renowned brands like Nike & Adidas. It was launched in the year 2008, the open-source platform has seen a huge improvement in the whole journey at regular intervals. It has earned popularity for its flexibility, scalability, and security.
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Why Migrating to Magento 2 is Important for Developers & Store Owners?

Magento 2 is the latest offering having all the incredible features and functionalities that a developer needs. Even though it offers amazing functionality, Magento 2 developers regularly made changes and make it innovative with every project to stay on top of the game. Flexibility, security, and performance, are some of the remarkable features that you enjoy with Magento 2. It is an open-source platform comprise of top-rated features that helps in smooth development & customization of the store. The ever-growing community offers developers templates, widgets, extensions, modules, documentation, training, and consulting services to build user-centric E-commerce stores.

How does Magento Developer help in the Growth of E-commerce Business? -

E-commerce has completely transformed the conventional shopping standard. People these days prefer buying products online without going to the store. It has become a popular trend and brands are moving to the online platform. If you own a Magento based store, you very well know that managing it is not an easy task to perform. There is always a necessity to hire Magento developer to ease the whole process. Hiring a developer is a serious responsibility and needs proper planning. If the developer is outsourced from a reputed development agency, the chances of a growing business are very high.

Magento 2 Migration- Make the Right Choice for Successful E-commerce Business – Magento Store Blog

Across the online industry, Magento 2 is one of the most powerful E-commerce platforms. Magento 2 delivers amazing cloud-hosted performance, freedom from inventory management, and helps to launch compelling content. Besides, the unmatched flexibility of Magento 2 enables the community of developers to deliver amazing experience in record time. So If you have Magento 1 based store or are considering customizing your website, migrating to Magento 2 will make it future-ready. As it is very important for the fast and secure development process. Each and every business must hire Magento developers to complete the migration work in a simple & smooth manner.
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How E-commerce is changing its Strategy to Tackle Coronavirus Pandemic? – Magento Store Blog

The impact of coronavirus on global business is devastating as every business stores are experiencing its severe impact on their business. Apart from health concerns, E-commerce brands are worrying about how coronavirus will impact their business operation as a whole. People are buying products through E-commerce portals as it is the best option to stay safe at home and avoiding contact with others. Let's check a detailed post on everything regarding how Magento E-commerce development can help your business to face the impact of coronavirus and what can be done to lessen the blow.
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Magento E-commerce Development: Top 5 Trends to Integrate in 2020

As most of the brands are moving to online selling so E-commerce is the new norm of business operation. If you are planning to start an online business, you should select Magento E-commerce development to get the best results. Those who have developed their website, it is always advised to migrate to Magento CMS. As your business will get expand, the features like scalability & flexibility will be needed so Magento allows you to use these power-packed features. Since several e-commerce platforms are available, Magento comes with significantly better features and is getting advanced day by day. Let’s check what is trending in 2020 for Magento eCommerce development.
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Amazing Online Grocery Shopping Experience With Magento Mobile Apps – Magento Store Blog

Groceries shopping is an indispensable part of life though it is something that hardly excites people. The need to visit physical stores to shop daily needs have been eliminated through the availability of online grocery websites. These online stores have surged in popularity, with as many as quarter of grocery shoppers preferring to shop online and the number is likely to increase in future. Magento grocery apps have changed the entire concept of shopping for daily essentials, getting them from shopping aisles to kitchen cabinets with just a click of a finger. Due to this reason, Grocery Store development has become a necessity for every offline grocery business owner who is planning to move online. Let's check some of the best things that shoppers can avail while shopping through these apps:
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Create An Online Jewellery Store in Magento – Magento Store Blog

India’s jewellery market has been continuously growing in the eCommerce world hence online jewellery shops hold great potential for big success. If you are planning to create an online jewellery e-commerce website, then you must choose an e-commerce platform that can serve your needs with perfection. Magento is an e-commerce platform that can serve specific requirements of a jewellery store and can also serve stores with different scale requirements. For instance, a large-scale jewellery marketplace can be built with the scalable and high-performance Magento website design, Magento Enterprise Edition, along with the deployment of the Magento marketplace extension. Moreover, the Magento e-commerce platform offers multiple functionalities that are most suitable for an online jewellery shop. Let's take a look at these functionalities and how Magento is are capable to render them.
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Magento Store - Why Choose Magento E-commerce Development Over Other E-commerce Platforms

When you start an online store, there are several options you may come across in e-commerce development such as Shopify, OpenCart,WooCommerce, WordPress, Prestashop, and more. Choosing an e-commerce development platform can either make or break your business so it is very crucial. Magento e-commerce development is indeed the best choice for e-commerce business leaders because this amazing platform is the easiest of all the other e-commerce development platforms. It enables the store owners to improve and modify the code, make database queries as efficient, and add new features to adapt to the changing world. Besides these, here are a few more reasons why you should choose the Magento e-commerce development platform over other e-commerce development platforms.
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Magento store is the leading Magento store development company in the USA and India. Our Magento experts are experienced enough to provide a complete range of Magento services to all enterprises across the globe. You can also hire Magento developers from Magento Store as per your business requirements at affordable prices.

Why Are Magento Mobile Applications Better Than Magento Sites?

If you have a great business idea that you want to transform into a profitable reality, then you can get in touch with the best Magento Mobile App Development Company. The best Magento 2 development company can help you create a beautiful and productive application to boost your business. Click here to know everything in detail.

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Unlock the potential of Mobile Commerce with Magento 2 Migration

Magento 2 migration is pretty easy task. the main issue waas will it help in converting the eCommerce website into a more Mobile Friendly solution? Check out the latest blog and find how Magento 2 Migration will resolve the Mobility issue and what other benefits it offers.
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