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Medicine Ball Workouts Guide

Learn what are the best exercises with medicine ball and find a many workout routines.


10 Min Beginner Abs Toning

If you haven't used the medicine ball for training your abs before or you are new to workouts then you can start with this routine. these excellent drills to shape your abs ans waist.

The Best Medicine Ball Core Exercises

Learn what are the most beneficial moves to strengthen your entire core.


Crazy Core Medicine Ball Circuit Workout

Crazy Core Medicine Ball Circuit Workout

Seems to be a not so hard routine but after doing 5 rounds and the suggested repetitions you will feel the burn in your stomach.

Traditional & Special Medicine Ball Ab Exercises

Within this video you can learn some not so well-known exercises you can do to strengthen and tone your midsection.


Cardio Interval Abs & Core Workout

Cardio Interval Abs & Core Workout

If you have belly fat you know the best way to get rid of it is to do fat-burning cardio workout. Well, this routine is the combination of cardio and efficient abs exercises. So, you will not strengthen your abs but also burn belly fat.


The Dynamic Abs Workout with Medicine Ball

The Dynamic Abs Workout with Medicine Ball

Did you know that there are a lot of standing abdominal exercises that train your abs as well as the ones you do on the floor? Even better, these movements help to burn fat since more muscles are engaged at the same time. You can find a many standing ab workouts here.

Simple Ab Exercise With a Medicine Ball & Your Partner

Do you work out with somebody? Then, try this simple abdominal exercise.

Easy Arm Workout for Beginners

Do you need a quick and easy arm workout? Then, try this easy routine.

Arm Exercises with a Medicine Ball on the Floor

Learn a few exercises you can do on the floor to train your arms.

5 Min. Abs + Arms Fat Burning Workout

Try this high intensity workout to burn fat and tone your abs and arms at the same time.

How To Train Your Biceps With Medicine Ball

It is fact that biceps curl is one of the best moves to strengthen your arms. Have you ever tried it with a medicine ball? Instead of using heavy weights use a lighter ball and do high number of repetitions. You are going to feel it.

Triceps Extension with Medicine Ball

Standing triceps extension is one of the best exercises to strengthen your triceps. Do it with your ball.

Shoulder Rotator Cuff Exercises With a Medicine Ball

To tell the truth I use my ball mainly for shoulder training because there are so many effective exercises out there. You can learn a few great moves from this video.

Squat-Shoulder Press: Full Body Exercise (Legs, Butt, Core, Arms)

This is an excellent compound exercise that works almost all the muscle groups at once.

Medicine Ball Shoulder Press: Upper Body Exercise

This is a good movement for beginners to train the shoulders and arms.

Medicine Ball Leg Workout

A quick workout to strengthen your legs but there are moves for the entire body.

Single Leg Move

This is a really creative exercise to strengthen your leg, but also increase your stability and posture.

How To: Supine Medicine Ball Chest Throw

This is an exciting exercise to train our chest.

Medicine Ball Push-Up

This push-up variation seems to be not so hard, but you need strong upper body to keep your balance. Excellent move for triceps, chest, shoulders and abs.

Single-Arm Medicine Ball Push-Up

If you felt that the traditional push-up with your ball was easy, then try this one-arm version.


Full Body Medicine Ball Workout

Full Body Medicine Ball Workout

10's Med Ball Traning

10's Med Ball Traning
20 Total Body Workout

A complete workout routine to burn calories and strengthen your entire body.

25 Minute Med Ball & Step Total Body Workout

10 butt shaping, fat blasting moves to build and tone every muscle in your body. This workout burns 228 - 313 calories.

67 Med Ball Exercises In 11 Minutes

Want to learn more medicine ball exercises? Check out this video and learn how many creative ways there are to use this fitness equipment.