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Updated by Android Developer on Jul 27, 2021
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Tools That Will Help You in Building Mobile Apps Quickly Without Much Codes

If you are a business owner then today it has become the most important part to have and maintain mobile apps for your employees, business partners and customers. Mobile technology has helped the business to reach farthest possible customer and increase the sales. The increase in the demand in mobile apps has created lot of…

How To Find The Best Android App Development

Mobile application development has become the trend of the era, more than trend it has become the need of every business organization. According to the surveys conducted by top marketing companies around 85 percentage of the populace is using smartphones and accessing internet through their phones only. Among these people around 75 percent of people…

Android Mobile Application Development India

We are a leading Android application development company in Gurgaon, India providing quality Android apps for any Android Mobile, Tablet with cool graphics.

Android Mobile Application Development India

We are a leading Android application development company in Gurgaon, India providing quality Android apps for any Android Mobile, Tablet with cool graphics.

5 Most Popular Cross-platform App Development Frameworks

More and more companies are being bullish about cross-platform app development. Be it cost-effectiveness or access to the larger target audience, the benefits of multiplatform mobile apps are many.

Native vs. Cross-platform App Development – What’s Best for App Owners

It’s evident that native apps seem to be the winner in different aspects. However, we cannot ignore the benefits of having a cross-platform app as well.

7 Proven Tips to Speed Up Your Mobile App Development

Various ways to make your app development process faster than ever. These methods are used by the most successful app development companies around the world.

Top 5 Trending Frameworks for Android App Development in 2020

After checking all of the best options that an enterprise look for app development, there is nothing left but to analyze how these frameworks compete with each other to survive in the competitive world.

Flutter for Windows Released — Desktop App Compilation, Windows Plugins & More

Finally, keep in mind that this is an alpha release intended to provide a solid foundation for your Flutter app development journey targeting Windows.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Alpha — Android Studio Plugin, iOS Integration & More

Kotlin has released the alpha version of KMM. The SDK includes a new KMM plugin for Android Studio. This plugin enables you to write, run, test, and debug the shared code in the same IDE.

Healthcare Mobile App Development Tips & Features to Know in 2020

If you are looking for healthcare app development for your health services, you are in the right place. Below we list the most prominent tips for app development and mention the important features to make the mHealth app successful across the globe.

Flutter 1.22 Version is Out Now – UI Support for Android 11 Features

Flutter 1.22 version is the most recent update for the UI framework that helps designers and developers build UIs for numerous platforms from one codebase.

Debunking Myths Around Android Performance

We’ve tried to bust down some common myths related to Android Performance. But we’ve also measured that some aren’t completely fake.

Flutter App Development Services - Android Developer

Need to develop a cross-platform Flutter app for your business? Android Developer are a full-cycle Flutter app development company and have leveraged this technology since its inception to deploy mobile apps efficiently.

Understand the Role of Emotions in User Experience and User Interface

Here in this post, we will be discussing the role of emotions in UI/UX. We will go through with the emotional design of Android App Development and its concept in detail. Keep reading the post below to know better.

Introducing the New Google Play Console

Try the new Google Play Console by yourself to get the gist of this new and enhanced version of Play Console before it goes live.

What are the Key Factors of Developing Marketplace Mobile App?

In simple terms, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the global economy. Today, people prefer buying products online to get things delivered at their door place.

7 Things You Must Consider Before Making a Marketplace Mobile App

You must approach it strategically, considering all aspects of your business. Below are seven crucial factors you must keep in mind while developing a marketplace mobile app.

What is the Latest Programming Language used to build Mobile Apps in 2020?

It’s time to choose a programming language for mobile apps, keeping in mind your business strategy to make native, hybrid, or cross-platform apps.

Android Version 11: 10 Most Important Features You Need to Know

Google has officially released its Android 11 version and it is rolling out to its Pixel smartphones. Do you know the most important features in Android 11? Here I am going to show you something interesting....

App Development Technology Stack for Speeding Up Your Project

Businesses and consumers today can hardly imagine a world without mobile apps. Although apps started to become central to commerce long before 2020, it took a pandemic for businesses to speed up adoption.

Key Features and the Estimated Cost to Build an App like Alibaba

Are you planning to build an app like Alibaba? If yes, then you should consider the key features and the cost of shopping app development.

How VR App Development is Reshaping Businesses and Their Future?

VR app development is reshaping the future of businesses by different growth opportunities, trendy features, and best to embrace functionalities. Include the virtues of Virtual Reality in the existing app or create the one with aid of an expert Android app development company.

Why React Native is perfect for Android App Development in 2021?

React Native is a secure & open source framework for Android app development. It offers cheap and fast development with a big support community. Unlike traditional apps, it is built on the JavaScript library, allowing you to write a single javascript code that will operate on multiple mobile devices. React Native helps to deliver platform file extensions to readily identify the OS on which the programs work.

How to Build an Efficient Expense Tracking App

Now you know why it is significant to have an expense tracking app to manage your assets easily. Simply find out about it!