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Drug and alcohol treatment centers

Whenever a loved one is abusing alcohol or drugs, seeking help at the earliest is the best step forward. Many people have recovered fully from dreaded alcoholism and drug addiction after receiving treatment at drug and alcohol treatment centers. Detox centers also help greatly in managing withdrawal symptoms in severe cases of addiction.


How to find happiness after de-addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction can push a person down to the pitiless desolation of life. Addicts often lose faith in themselves, just as their loved ones do. De-addiction is an uphill struggle, like running a marathon every day. Yet, with professional help and the support of a family, it has been done by millions of individuals. What most people don’t realize is that getting free from drugs and alcohol is only a part of the solution. Starting to live a normal, productive, and fulfilling life is the other part.

Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

You can seek any type of consultation regarding drug and alcohol addiction from 24/7 Recovery Helpline. Our representatives can help you by providing the relevant information about the best drug addiction treatment centers in your area. Visit our website now to get any kind of support.

New technique helps measure cannabinoids content found in snacks

Marijuana is the most popular recreational drug in the United States. But, its use among those under 21 is not advisable due to its drastic effects on the developing teen brain. However, 24 states and Washington, D.C. have legalized medical marijuana, while four states have legalized even its recreational use.

7 myths about alcohol consumption that can actually trigger onset of alcoholism

It is against all precepts of male chauvinism to admit that a few extra pegs can knock him down. Men often boast of drinking like a fish and still standing tall. There are binge drinking competitions and those who can weather such sessions become symbols of virility among peers.

How addiction leads to other risky behaviors

t is difficult to point the finger at specific reasons for dangerous or illegal behavior. This is largely due to a great amount of interconnection and interplay that exists within the world of risky behaviors, such as drug addiction. In fact, a significant element of risk is shared by many activities associated with substance use.

Study finds some addicts are more likely to relapse than others - 247 Recovery Helpline for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Old habits die hard, and nothing retains more strength than habit. It has been observed that bad habits can be as addictive as good habits, but it is definitely not so rewarding. Use of substances gradually takes the shape of a habit which is not so easy to give up. Getting back to substance use after a phase of abstinence is referred to as addiction relapse. For an ordinary person, it is resorting to the old bad habit again.

Life, the most beautiful gift by god can be easily ruined by taking drugs. Addiction to drugs and alcohol spoil the healthy and happy life of a person. Unfortunately, drugs, alcohol, and others substance are dangerous enough to turn the path of your life to hell. These all are misfortune for the adults especially. They are the major causes of many diseases and heart attacks as well. However, drugs and alcohol have completely different issues, yet the effect in the same manner. The teens are most severely attacked by them and the whole of their future is destroyed by injecting these drugs and substances. Drugs and alcohol contribute to the maximum in increasing the death number.

Drug and alcohol addiction can have enduring effects on several facets of struggling one’s life. Therefore, it is important to take your step ahead towards the detoxification, as often this is considered as the beginning stage of the treatment. It is a very common issue among the people that they hardly understand why they get addicted to drugs. Unfortunately, how further these drugs alter the brains to foster obsessive drug abuse. However, due to the advancement in the medical science, the drug addiction can be successfully treated in today's era.

Scientists reveal impact of drugs and alcohol on placental development

It is known that the food choices made by a woman during her gestation phase affect the health of the unborn child. From time to time, medical practitioners advise expectant mothers on the kind of lifestyle they must adopt to eliminate the risk of disorders in their children.

Use of drugs to self-medicate pain leads to addiction: Study

Law enforcement agencies and health care providers are leaving no stone unturned in tackling the surge in opioid abuse cases and thus, have been formulating guidelines and implementing regulations to check the problem. But amid this clamor, chronic pain sufferers believe that their cry for help and need for alternative treatment methods for pain management have been left unheard.

New Jersey to utilize $1 million federal grant to combat opioid addiction

What happens when a prescription drug becomes a problem drug? What happens when the nation as a whole rolls down the “slippery path of addiction” which only culminates in the abyss of death? The catastrophe of opioid abuse encircling America is gradually taking more people in its grip.

The repercussions of living with alcoholic parents - 247 Recovery Helpline for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is a progressive disease that affects the entire family. Children learn much of their behavior from their parents, who have an incredible amount of power in leading their impressionable children by the example. Not every case is the same, alcoholic parents can be defined in varying magnitudes; many have the ability to still properly raise their children despite any heavy drinking they might be engaging in. When parents’ drinking starts to take place of their parental responsibilities, children suffer. Every home and family is different, but there are common occurrences that take place in alcoholic homes such as mental, emotional and physical abuse, co-dependency and passive aggression.

Designer drugs – the new high in synthetic drug usage - 247 Recovery Helpline for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

The United States has been battling the dominance of drugs like heroin, marijuana, cocaine and various opioids for decades, and the law enforcement agencies have been able to check it to some extent. However, the authorities now face another challenge of the predominance of “designer drugs,” manmade substances created synthetically.

Home-grown drugs: A rising menace in triggering deadly blasts and drug addiction

A grow-house is a place used for the production of #marijuana indoors. Despite being a risky proposition, marijuana cultivation is often done in residential areas to avoid the police and to create more potent drugs that can fetch some quick money for the dealers. One may recall the popular and award-winning T.V. series “Breaking Bad” or “Weeds,” which showed how the whole thing works and also throws light on its dangerous repercussions.

Excessive drinking makes people with arrhythmia prone to stroke

Drinking alcohol has been linked to many physiological problems. Though moderate drinking was once touted to be beneficial for good health in the long run, excessive drinking is not. A new study warns the elderly afflicted with a common heart rhythm disorder called atrial fibrillation against heavy drinking habits. Scientists say that excessive drinking may raise the risk of such people suffering from stroke.

Substance abuse traced to experiences of abuse and violence in childhood: Study

Substance use and abuse is a problem that needs immediate attention. Many causes of #substanceabuse have been cited and a recent study adds one more to the list. The study has revealed that childhood trauma increases the tendency to abuse addictive substances. Not all childhood experiences are pleasant, as for many this phase may be mired in stress due to witnessing of domestic violence or gender disparity in family relationships.

Tips for dating a person battling substance abuse

Dating can be fun as well as challenging. There is no dearth of people looking for dates in bars, clubs, online dating portals, etc. However, to meet someone interesting and establishing a spontaneous connection can be a difficult thing to do.

Save Their Life.Get Your Child Back.

On Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017, the last day as the President of the United States, Barack Obama commutes sentences of 330 federal inmates convicted of drug offences. The recent move brings his total number of clemencies to 1,715, the most for any U.S. president till date.

Device to ease heroin withdrawal? Possible!

They say that a man’s greatest test comes in the form of adversity. Only a situation that’s grave and dire could truly test a man’s character, and is often the make or break time in one’s lifespan. While some sail through the bad period, focusing on doing the basics right, and waiting for the misfortune to subside, others succumb to the pressure and give in.