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Great Google posts #45

100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators

Google Classroom helps teachers manage student work in Google. More than 100 resources for educators about classroom, docs, spreadsheets, forms and more.

3 Add-ons That Make Google Sheets More Fun | The Gooru

Google Apps products are designed for work, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fun. I recently came across several add-ons for Google Sheets that add a little more color and enjoyment into the bland world of spreadsheets. From ..more ›

Google Templates for Students

Looking for a template to get your students started on a project? We've found some great Google Docs templates to use as they are or change up to match your classroom.

#TOSAChat Gets Googley with Google Add-ons and Chrome extensions!

lovely padlet of ideas. Add a link and a description of your favorite add-on or extension! If you click the plus at the bottom and paste the link in, an image will show up too! Add your Twitter handle so we know who recommended it =)

How To Create a Digital Portfolio Folder With QR Code Link

Step 1: Create a Class Google Slides Template How To Video Step 2: Create a Google Drive Folder for Each Student How To Video Step 3: Create a QR Code Slides Presentation & Change Share Settings How To Video Step 4: Create QR Codes & Embed in Slides! Note: This video specifically refers to using ...

Chrome devices | Chromebit, Chromebook| The Apps Show

Are you planning to buy a laptop or hesitating in the device you should chose? Do you feel confused with the many recent hardware releases? In this show, Jam...

12 Things Every Student Should Be Able to Do on Google Classroom ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Below is a run-down of 12 important things every student should be able to do on Google Classroom. These are basic tasks to help students manage their classes and assignments in Classroom. This work is based on guidelines provided by Google Classroom Help. The chart at the end of this post provides links to resources where students can learn more about how to go about doing each of the tasks mentioned in the visual.

Google Apps, AddOns, and Extensions - The Techy Coach Blog

Google Chrome is a powerful tool for browsing the web, but did you know you can super charge your browsing experience by adding Apps and Extensions? Now that you know what is possible, below is a list of tools you can't do without!

Make your own Mad Libs with Google Forms - The Techy Coach Blog

Have you ever thought about making your own? Or thought of the possibility of applying the same method to help kids learn a topic in your Social Studies, Science, or ELA class? Maybe if you turned a passage from classic literature or a creative writing class into a Mad Lib exercise, your kids might just have enough fun that the learnin' sticks.

Google Tone and the Chromebook Classroom - The Techy Coach Blog

Use Google Tone to effortlessly share links to Chromebooks. Google Tone is a Chrome Extension that you can use to share URL Links by an audible tone. Here's how it works.

Free Technology for Teachers: How to Use Find & Replace in Google Docs

The latest addition to my playlist of more than 90 Google Apps tutorials videos addresses a question that I received in my email this morning and probably receive every few weeks. That question is, "does Google Docs have a 'find and replace' function?" The answer is yes. You can locate "find and replace" in Google Docs under the "edit" menu or use "ctrl + H" to open the menu. The video embedded below demonstrates how to find and use "find and replace" function in Google Docs.

How to Schedule a Time to Meet with Other Classes @coolcatteacher

Want to see students excited? Want to see them run to class? I’ll never forget the time we skyped with  Govinda and his students in Nepal. The fifth graders had an optional meeting at 7 am where they could come to school to meet the other kids half a world away. Every student came early! …

Google Drive Is the House...

When explaining Google Drive and Google APPS for Education (GAfE) components, I try to make it simple to understand. The cloud is part of everyday life but still seems to be an ambiguous concept. I...

How to Get Chrome to Warn You When Websites Are Insecure

Security is always a concern when browsing online. Even if you're not performing sensitive work, it's nice to know that nobody can snoop on what you're doing. When you see HTTPS in your address bar, your connection to that site is secure. Many Web sites have implemented HTTPS connections, but they can be broken due…

Google Classroom, Google Sites or Blogger? — Tomorrow's Learners

Teachers these days are faced with many choices about how they could run their classroom in the digital age. There are so many tools, th

Google Is Finally Killing Picasa

It hasn't made sense for Google to continue to invest in two separate photo storage and sharing applications, as it has been doing with the newer Google..

The Ultimate App Guide for Students – Infographic ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Studying is a necessary activity that few enjoy. The key to good study is organisation. An ad-hoc approach to studying may seem like you are getting things covered but in the long run you are likely to miss important topics. By taking a formatted and structured route to your study plan, you will likely be more relaxed and feel more prepared for examinations when they come around. With anything in life, accepting help is a good idea and in the case of studying, you can gain great help by utilising smartphone and tablet apps which will help to increase your efficiency.

From Book Creator to printed book - Book Creator app | Blog

Here is a masterclass from Apple Distinguished Educator Jane Ross on how to print your Book Creator ebook and get a professional finish.

How to Fake Edit Website Text Using Nothing but Chrome

If you've spent any amount of time on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or any other social media website, then you've probably seen your fair share of ridiculous conversations and outrageous threads. Well, most of those are actually... fake! What a lot of people don't realize is that screenshots are incredibly easy to doctor, especially if the screenshot…

10 Tricks to Master Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts has been available for almost three years now, and while it still has a few minor issues, it’s still a slick and powerful messaging platform that works almost anywhere. Dig a little deeper into the Google Hangouts app, and you’ll find a bunch of features you might not yet have come across, from secret codes to floating chat heads—here are our favorites:

Free Technology for Teachers: 13 Google Forms Tutorial Videos

Last week the new version of Google Forms became the default version in many Google Accounts. But, as many people have pointed out to me, not all Google Accounts have made the transition. This is particularly true in Google Apps for Education accounts. Therefore, I put together a new playlist of Google Forms tutorials that includes videos demonstrating features of the new version of the Google Forms and the older version of Google Forms. By the way, for the time being, you can revert to the older version at any time.

Free Technology for Teachers: A Convenient New Way to See Who Has Access to Your Google Drive Folders

Creating shared Google Drive folders provides teachers and students with a great way to contribute to a pool of B-roll media, to share study guides, or to collaborate on research projects. Keeping track of who has access to those folders can be a bit cumbersome. That will soon change as Google announced yesterday that a new view of shared Google Drive folders is coming soon. Over the next couple of weeks you will notice a new "people icon" to Google Drive folders. You will now be able to hover your cursor over the "people icon" to see a list of people who have access to your folders.

21 FREE Android Apps For Teachers

We decided to release an awesome free Android apps for teachers that will take your mobile learning and classroom management to the next level.

Google Forms - Changing the background

We can make Google Forms a little more aesthetically pleasing by changing the background and so that it can look a little more fun or professional. Changing the background colour of the form By def...

Organize Albums in Google Photos

There are many Google+ Photos features that are missing from Google Photos. You can remove a few features from the list: reordering photos in an album, changing the album's cover and editing the timestamp for photos.

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