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The Lectures of Dr. David Neiman

The lectures of Dr. David Neiman is a series of audiobooks and videos that were produced by Dr. David Neiman’s daughter producer, Becky Neiman.

Uncover mysteries about ancient civilizations and learn how they have influenced our lives.

Dr. David Neiman's lectures on Talmud - The vast written text of Jewish law and legal interpretation

Dr. David Neiman's lectures on Talmud - The vast written text of Jewish law and legal interpretation

Explore the history of Jewish culture with Dr. David Neiman. You can learn or simply enjoy listening on your mobile phone, tablet, and laptop, desktop or other portable device.

Find ancient history audiobooks online. The lectures of biblical historian Dr. David Neiman

The cradle of civilization is the geographic locality where citizens first begin to live and work together in communities.

There are so many things to learn if you really want to know about Ancient Societies

There are numerous aspects of ancient societies that are yet to be discovered. Ancient societies did not possess the technology or the tools that we have been blessed with today.

The African continent is one of the cradles of world civilization – and that’s a fact!

Whether or not one is discussing about the many kingdoms in the history of the African continent or even the small tribal groups, African society has played a significant role in contemporary society in terms of customs, heritage, and religious philosophies and practices.

Understanding Prehistoric and Ancient Human Societies

The ancient structures of the Pyramids manifest themselves in the physical realm, the spiritual and conduction of energy.

The Book of Exodus - The Bible Story By Dr. David Neiman

The book of Exodus will help you better recognize God's principle in the book and gain a more integrated perception on the Holy Bible.

Lectures About Ancient Civilization - Dr. David Neiman

The study of ancient civilization, religion, language, and literature. Find out about these cultures and their peoples in a survey of history with Dr. David Neiman.

Hammurabi of Babylon, Code and Summary - Dr. David Neiman

Dr. David Neiman’s lectures about Hammurabi, the ruler of Babylon, and the code of laws that he created.

The Discovery of Genesis - Dr. David Neiman

Discovering Genesis Dr. David Neiman. Discovering Genesis and the Origins of the Biblical World.

Genesis – The Israelite View

Now as we examine the biblical list in Genesis 5, which closely follows the Babylonian king list, we find a rejection of the former view. As we continue with our examination of Genesis 5 and its relationship to the Babylonian King List, we come to the fourth name in the list, which is Ummanu in Babylonian and Kénan in Genesis 5.

The Talmud has actually 2 different versions, authored around similar times, but with some differences. Those are known as the Babylonian Talmud, and the Jerusalem Talmud.

Code Hammurabi, When Revenge Becomes The Law

Hammurabi was on Babylon’s ancient rulers, living around 1800 B.C. Yes, that is almost 3800 years ago! Let’s just be grateful that it wasn’t a jungle back then.