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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Feb 12, 2016
Headline for Punk Rock Frocks: D.I.Y. Ways to Get The Punk Look.
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Punk Rock Frocks: D.I.Y. Ways to Get The Punk Look.

D.I.Y. ethic and punk go hand-in-hand, so why not make your own punk style? Check out all the ways you can punk up your style with your own unique touch.


Pins, Pins, Pins

Pins, Pins, Pins

Make your own pins using Shrinky Dink plastic.

Pins are the best way to express yourself, and your interests, in a tiny collage.

HOW to MAKE PATCHES!! - DIY - Threadbanger

Learn how to make your own patches. Handmade Awesomeness Click to Subscribe! Our Favorite Embroidery Videos: How to Embroider with ...

Make sure you put patches on everything. They make jean jackets look so badass.

DIY: Turn your denim jacket into a denim vest and fray it

In this video I will be showing you guys how to change your boring denim jacket into a edgy denim vest as well as fraying your vest out!

You probably have a denim jacket lying around somewhere. If not, you can easily score one at a second hand store. They're perfect for pins and patches.


Fabric paint is your friend.

Fabric paint is your friend.

Fabric paint is great. It's perfect for writing your own messages on clothing, making art on fabric, and punk rock stencils. You can probably find it at your local dollar store.


Flannel? Maybe.

Flannel? Maybe.

Flannel is more of a grunge 90s thing, but it does work for this look sometimes. Pair it with some patched up jeans or wear it under that jean vest. You can always use scrap fabric for patches.

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Rip your jeans, rip them all!! Holes are great. How else are you going to wear those jeans in the summer?

Hair Colour Anyone?

Try some different colours on your hair. You could also do this with armpit hair.

How To Make Punk Patches (D.I.Y. Patches/Stencils) - In Depth Tutorial

Hey guys!! A lot of people throughout the years have asked me how I make my patches, and my friend wanted me to teach her how, so I figured it's about time t...