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5 Treatments a Cosmetic Dentist Can Provide

A good dentist will be able to provide a wide range of services including some treatments that are more cosmetic in nature. Cosmetic dentistry concentrates on making dental changes that improve appearance and are excellent for boosting confidence. Some cosmetic dentistry treatments take longer to complete than others but all have benefits. Which do you think are the most popular options available?



Veneers are an established way of improving the appearance of stained, chipped or mal-aligned teeth. They work by masking the area concerned so that gaps and cracks, or discoloured teeth are no longer visible. A thin porcelain veneer is bonded onto existing teeth. This has no effect on bite or function, but does improve appearance.


Tooth straightening

Tooth straightening

Most of us have less than perfect teeth and would like to do something about it. Tooth straightening can move teeth into the right position in the mouth and close any unsightly or unwanted gaps. There are now many different straightening options available and some work over a shorter period, whilst others are less obtrusive. A cosmetic dentist can talk through which option would be best for you.


Dental Implants

Dental implants are used when a tooth is missing and a full natural looking replacement is required. This is a more costly option but by placing a titanium post into the gum and fixing on a replacement tooth, the effect is realistic, functional and definitely a long term solution to a dental problem!


Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is simple, popular, effective and non-invasive. Teeth become more discoloured with age, and this can be made worse by smoking and consuming particular food and drink. With treatment, it is possible to change the shade of your teeth subtly or more dramatically. There are different types of treatment available such as bleaching or power/laser whitening but a cosmetic dentist can advise which is best suited to your teeth.


Teeth Cleaning

This is the most simple, and also the cheapest option available. Over time, and even with regular brushing, deposits can build up in between your teeth as well as on them. An appointment with the hygienist whilst having a regular check up can keep most of this unsightliness at bay, but sometimes it is useful to get your teeth cleaned in between dental appointments too. Clean teeth are less likely to lead to bad breath and gum disease so there is an added bonus to having regular cleaning sessions. If you're looking for a hygienist or a dentist in Sutton Coldfield or Solihull please contact the Smile Spa dental practice today.