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Best Diving Sites in Maldives – Archipelago of Great Adventures

The Maldivian archipelago inlaid with beautiful coral atolls is well known as a diver's paradise. Underwater caves, tunnels, coral reefs and even old wrecks make the dive quite an adventure.


Banana Reef

This was the first dive site discovered in the Maldives – which to date remains as one of the most popular. Banana Reef is ideal for novice divers while the huge crowds that dive there have made the fish very 'people friendly' and it is not a surprise to see them take food from your hand. The reef derives its name from its banana shape and is often visited by thousands of bannerfish. In addition you will come across squirrelfish, pufferfish, wrasse, fusilier, grouper and grub fish. Banana Reef is located on the North Male Atoll.


South Male Atoll

Quite an adventure awaits divers around the South Male Atoll. The main factor there are the channels or Kandus. Along the eastern edge of the atoll there are 60 channels through which a huge volume of plankton gushes in with the water, this in turn attracts an abundance of marine life for your viewing pleasure. Coral formations are less here giving rise to deeper depths of diving and a chance for you to come across schools of fish, large marine animals as well as a chance to explore the best wreck in the Maldives. Enjoy loads of water sports in Maldives by booking accommodation at one of the best Maldives beach resorts. Look for one that offers classic white sand beaches and comfortable quarters. Choosing the South Male Atoll means that apart for diving you enjoy a whole host of other water based activities. Located on a private island there is the Naladhu Maldives.


Cocoa Thila

Located on the South Male Atoll the Cocoa Thila is a deep water apex that sits at the outward end of the atoll. Diving there is favoured for its ravines and overhangs which in turn offer protection from strong currents. The same currents draw grey reef sharks, schools of fusiliers and huge eagle rays.


Kudarah Thila

The Kudarah Thila is just 30 minute – by seaplane – from the capital Male. It is part of the Ari Atoll and by far one of the best dive sites in the Maldives. A Thila is a coral erection that is both in and out of the water. Kudarah Thila is 80m in diameter and quite a treat to explore. The waters surrounding Kudarah are teeming with all manner of marine life that seasoned divers refer to the area as 'fish soup'. Kudarah is ideal for professional divers offering depths of 14m to 30m to navigate in. Enjoy manoeuvring your way through outcrops, overhangs and caves. Observe the colourful coral and sea sponges while marine animals to spot include whale sharks, barracuda, triggerfish and much more. Kudarah is approachable all year through.


Thamburudhoo Thila

This Thila is also called the H.P. Reef. It is located on the North Male Atoll; and offering depths of 5 to 30 metres is an ideal dive spot for amateurs. You can dive here at any time of the year and enjoy the marvellous sights of unique coral formations. In addition Thamburudhoo is home to interesting crevices and caves that are waiting to be explored. Diving around this thila will reward you with sights of angelfish, silverjacks, leaf fish, bat fish and Moorish idols. Although quite safe for beginners the waters around the thila tend to have strong currents, hence a safety balloon and diving with professional is a necessity.