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Updated by Steve Dineley on Feb 10, 2016
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The Biggest Pros of Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping is an increasingly popular way of customising just about any vehicle imaginable. From different colours and effects, to full graphics that are ideal for corporate cars, vans and trucks. Whilst the main draw of vinyl wraps for most people is that they are a cost effective way to completely change the appearance of a vehicle, there are many benefits to vehicle wrapping.


Wraps are completely reversible

Wraps are completely reversible

A complete re-spray of a vehicle may seem like a good idea at the time, but spraying your car in an overly garish colour or design may be a regret a few months or years later. One of the biggest benefits of vehicle wraps is that they are completely reversible; if for some reason you wish to return your car to its original colour, a trained wrapping professional can simply remove the wrapping.


Cheaper repairs

Should you be involved in an accident, or scratch or dent your vehicle in any way, you may have to respray the whole car to keep a uniform colour and even finish, and respraying isn’t cheap. If your vehicle is wrapped, a new panel can be wrapped to maintain the colour of the car with minimum effort.


Vehicle wrapping helps keep the value of your car

In many cases, when it comes to selling a car, finding a buyer is often easier if the vehicle is a standard colour. As vinyl wraps can be removed, there is no need to worry about the fear of failing to sell a car. A further benefit of wraps is that they help to protect the paintwork of a vehicle from the flying debris that can lead to scratches over time. As a result, by keeping the paintwork in tip-top condition, you can keep more of the value of your car when it’s time to sell. Vinyl wraps will usually have an expected product life of between 3 and 5 years, so paintwork is protected throughout this time.


Vehicle wrapping is an effective marketing tool

Vehicle wrapping is an effective marketing tool

By wrapping your company car, van or trucks with your company branding, logos and important contact information, you create the opportunity to spread brand awareness wherever your vehicle goes. A vehicle with corporate wrapping is effectively a moving billboard and provides an ideal opportunity to create a professional impression of your business and to win new customers.


More options for customisation

Wraps provide much more opportunity for customisation than a standard respray. As well as being able to update the colour and finish, vinyl wraps also allow for the effect of the wrap to be changed, which would be very expensive to do with a paint job. Popular effects include chrome, carbon fibre and brushed steel, all of which can be achieved to a high standard through vehicle wrapping.