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Top Reasons Why Helicopters Are Awesome!

Have you ever watched a movie or went to an airshow and thought that Helicopters are awesome? We'll we agree with you completely... Helicopters rock, and here at our "Top Reasons Why Helicopters Are Awesome!" we'll show you why we think so and you should to! To find out more about helicopters visit us here:

Flying a Helicopter is a lot harder than you think, but being a helicopter pilot is amazing!

Here's a video from a Helicopter pilot making the profession and helicopter owners around the world proud. Tell me after watching this video that you don't think Helicopters are amazing... This pilot is harvesting trees with a helicopter and handling the machine like it's a video game.

Helicopter can do a lot more than most people think...

In this video you'll quickly learn that a helicopter can do a lot more than simply picking up passengers from point A and dropping them at point B. Here's you'll see how one the best helicopter pilots in the world, Chuck Aaron does Aerobatic trick with his helicopter. He defies physic, science and plain common sense during these stunts!

Helicopters help save lives!

Helicopters don't just make you look cool in front of the ladies, some of these pilots also risk their lives to help save people and stop forest fires around the world. In this video you'll see a skilled helicopter pilot hovering meters from the ground whilst picking up water from a swimming pool. This is amazing!