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Some Great Ideas on Absorbern Activated Carbon

Nichem is dedicated to expanding its existing share of the North American activated carbon market. To achieve this goal, we stock several million pounds of various activated carbon filter in our warehouse for immediate shipment.

We offers Activated Carbon specialized bulk replacement & changeout service

We offers Activated Carbon specialized bulk replacement & changeout service. Our crew are trained & certified to perform both hazmat & non-hazmat work. Call 973-399-9810


Filtration Systems Low Pressure Vapor Application: Get info on how filtration systems works like model, CFM, carbon weight, temp. etc. Call 973-399-9810 for more.

Understanding the Applications of Activated Carbon Drums: Business Articles

Business Articles.Carbon, when processed can develop low-volume pores, which can increase the surface area. This change can make carbon active, which can increase absorption of the chemical or make it useful for chemic...

Awesome Technology behind Activated Carbon Filters - Tackk

The process behind carbon filtering - AdsorptionCarbon filtering is a method of filtering wherein a sheet of activated carbon is used to remove pollutants and impurities using certain chemical reactions. This chemical reaction is known as...


Carbon Filtration Systems: Get info on Carbon filtration like HVAC, Liquid Application, Vapor Application & more. Call 973-399-9810 for more information.

Activated Carbon & It's Uses- Nichem Co.

Activated Carbon various uses in Pharmaceutical, Water treatment, Mercury removal, VOC Removal, Solvent Recovery etc. Call 973-399-9810 for more information.

What is Carbon Filtering?

While there are many different types of water filtration methods, carbon filters that use activated carbon absorber are known as one of the best ways to eliminate the contaminants and odors from the water. Not only households but many industries that need filtered water in their manufacturing process, use carbon filtering. What carbon filtering is and how it eliminates contaminants from water is discussed in this article.

What is Environmental remediation and its Benefits

As the name suggests, environmental remediation is a process through which environmental problems are treated to make sure that the affected area is safe and can be used again by humans and other life forms. The clean up after an oil spill, removing the accumulated contaminants from the groundwater, etc. are some examples of environmental remediation.

No matter if you are an individual, a financial institution, insurance or legal representative, or a government agency; these environmental remediation services can be immensely helpful and can provide you with innumerable short and long-term benefits.

Overview of Environmental remediation Process

When you contact an environmental remediation agency, they will use fences and barricades to isolate the affected area to ensure that the effect does not spread any further, and any life form doesn’t come into direct contact with the damage. The remediation process will not only repair things on the superficial level, but problems which are not visible to the naked eye, like soil, ground water, surface water, sediments, etc. are also taken care of.

The environmental remediation agency will carry out a detailed analysis of the site with the help of state-of-the-art tools to determine the remedial procedure that they will follow to clean and restore the area. Pump and treat, bioremediation, solidification and stabilization and bioleaching are some of the most common ways in which the agencies try to clean and restore the affected areas.

Benefits of Environmental remediation

  1. Protection of your interests- The environmental remediation process can provide you with innumerable health, legal, safety, public relations and financial benefits. These services can aid in minimizing the risk by identifying and recommending solutions to potential problems.

  2. Allows you to make informed decisions- The agencies involved in environmental remediation hire a number of experts who will try to explain the problem along with scientific evidence to help you understand the problem in detail. By knowing the potential danger, you’ll be better able to participate in the remedial process. This can be highly beneficial in the decision-making process if you are the owner of the affected site.

  3. Improves regulatory relationships- Professional environmental remediation agencies have a wide network which includes the regulatory agencies as well. Their relation with these agencies makes them well-aware of the local, state and federal environmental regulations. They have a clear understanding of what can work best for you and know the outcome of the process as well.

  4. Efficient results- No matter if you want to investigate the groundwater, soil, chemical or oil storage, or carry out an overall inspection of the site, professional remediation services will provide you with efficient results. They will provide you with an initial inspection of the area, testing, analysis of the results, as well as, recommend cost-effective and permanent solution to the problem.

Experience the benefits of hiring a professional environmental remediation agency and increase the value of your property, minimize the risk of environmental and legal damages, improve your reputation in public and also save money on the longer-run.

Nichem Co - 6 Practical Applications of Activated Carbon Drums on Exposure

Activated carbon drums, one of the magical discoveries of science is now slowly gaining reputation in the modern industry and its role has become even more significant with its various applications dedicated to making our daily lives easier and more efficient. Let us look at some of the primary applications of activated carbon drums: 1) Activated carbon filter: Activated carbon drums find their application in filtering water and other liquids. The mechanism involved in activated carbon filter or activated charcoal is very simple. The charcoal has a lot of charged carbon atoms on its surface. So, when you pass dirty water across it, all the dirt particles stick to the carbon particles and hence get attached to the charged surfaces of carbon atoms. This phenomenon is scientifically called adsorption. This process makes filtration very efficient and it does not let any particle, except a few nano-particles get away. 2) Gas removal: Toxic gases like H2S and SO2 are released during chemical reactions that take place during industrial work. These gases could be harmful for living beings. So, how do we get rid of these gases? The answer lies in activated carbon drums. Activated charcoal when present in such hostile atmosphere, removes all the toxic gases from the atmosphere except oxygen and water by the process of adsorption. Thus, all the toxic particles stick to the charcoal’s surface and what we get is clean air. 3) For skin and body: When activated carbon mixed with other solvents is applied on oily skin, rashes, moulds, fungal infection, etc., the science of adsorption does its magic. It quickly removes all the unnecessary compounds and chemicals from your skin, therefore making your skin free of any toxins or oiliness. 4) What’s interesting to note is that activated charcoal (mechanism involving activated carbon drums) may actually reduce joint pain, increase your body’s energy and therefore allows an individual to feel that much more relaxed and at ease. It also works as an anti-cholesterol and anti-ageing agent. 5) Pharmaceutical and intrinsic body repair: Activated charcoal finds lot of applications in pharmaceutical industry where it is used in small amounts to effectively treat various diseases. Again, the same principle of adsorption works and removes any unwanted material from your body. A modern application of activated charcoal or activated carbon drums is that when it is taken in a diet, it actually cleanses our body and removes any pesticides or other food impurities that gets accumulated in our body. 6) Prohibit effects of alcohol: Activated charcoal, when taken in right amount can remove most of the toxins that cause hangover and side effects of alcohol. Although, one should note that it does not remove alcohol and thus, effects on liver and other organs stay the same. Thus, we see that through the mechanism of adsorption, there’s more to activated carbon drums than what meets the eye.

Activated Carbon Adsorption Equipment- Drums & Vessels

Nichem Co.offers large inventory of NSF certified Activated carbon adsorption equipment at best prices. Get Activated Carbon Drums & Vessels. Call 973-399-9810

Nichem Co.

Article Top 3 Uses of Activated Carbon. Activated carbon is an effective purifier. It is used to remove organic pollutants from different gaseous, liquid and solid substances. By removing the undesirable organic compounds, activated carbon can succes...

How Do Activated Carbon Vessels Work?

Carbon is one of the most abundantly available elements in nature. It is contained in everything, be it living or non-living. When an…

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