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Updated by Noelle Beckman on Jun 23, 2018
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Advice on applying, interviewing, & keeping a faculty position

This list includes resources for applying and interviewing for faculty position as well as advice on tenure.


National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity: Demystifying The Academic Job Market

You can learn about how to be successful throughout the job search process, from materials preparation to negotiating your first academic job contract with our Career Center job-market training webinars.

Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty, Second Edition

Useful links related to tenure track job searches in ecology

Link related to faculty job searches from Meghan Duffy

Dr. Marissa Baskett's comprehensive list of links and resources for grant writing, applying for jobs, writing & presenting, and more.

Advice on getting a faculty job

A compilation of resources for graduate students, post-docs, and faculty maintained by Dr. Spencer Hall

Sample interview questions from Brian Inouye, Nora Underwood, Dan Doak, and Peter Kareiva

Notes from Dr. Louis Gross on "Applying for a Job, Haggling for a Job and Keeping a Job" - MBI - October 2006

Teaching Portfolio - UCAT

UCAT aims to provide faculty and GTAs with a practical and self-reflective guide for developing their teaching portfolios. What is a portfolio? The materials provided here focus on the teaching portfolio.

Teaching Portfolio

Olivia K. Lima, Augustana College

The chalk talk

Some pointers on how to give a chalk talk

Collected Wisdom on Job Talks – Introduction

Some pointers on how to give a job talk from Josh Tewksbury

Resources curated by Spencer hall

Dr. Karen’s Rules of the Campus Visit

I feel like I’ve already talked about some of the nuts and bolts of the campus visit in a recent post, at least in terms of dress and food. So today, I’m going to try and attack the issue of the ETHOS of a campus visit. In other words, what is the campus visit meant to accomplish? Put another way, WHY are the elements of a campus visit as they are? Understanding this may help you to avoid the very worst missteps that plague rank beginners (and far more experienced people!) on the market and, at the minimum, avoid total humiliation. Who knows, this information could even arm you to actually prevail and score the offer! No promises, though. One thing I will say about campus visits: they’re weird, and unpredictable, and you have NO idea what the unspoken agendas are as you feel them swirling closely around your head.

Suggestions and tips for interviews

Tips for success on your path to tenure

What could possibly go wrong on the maddening 6-year interview?

The Right Metrics for Generation Open: a guide to getting credit for Open Science - Impactstory blog

You're not getting all the credit you should be for practicing Open Science. Altmetrics have helped researchers advance their careers. We'll tell you how.

Tenure Package [SB Roberts] – Roberts Lab

If anyone is interested in what a tenure package looks like (I know I could have benefited from a few more examples) I am making mine available here.