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Robocraft Dictionary

This is a database/archive of popular and common terms used in Robocraft.

This dictionary is managed by Tommyfoxy2. It will be updated as more terms are submitted.



AA stands for anti-air, the weapons are generally, rail guns, aero flak and lock on missile launchers, bots that uses these are usually designed to eliminate any flying enemy. (Note; rails and LOML also have full effect on ground units)



Stands for Away From Keyboard. Often used in online gaming when someone is not moving they are assumed to be afk or if a user is leaving their computer temporarily they may inform their team/friends etc that they will be back in a moment.


AI TDM / Single Player

Single Player - Fight in a Team Death Match against AI-controlled bots from the CRF robot shop, of similar CPU to that of your robot. Bots here can be Laser, Plasma or Rail. This mode has the same rules as regular TDM but the enemy team and your team are composed of AI bots.


Alpha Strike

An alpha strike refers to an all-out attack, in which a player (more often than not, who believes that he or she will win from that attack) aims to deal a lethal amount of damage to the opponent.
(The first batch of damage you deal to an enemy before they have a chance to fight back)



This term is coming soon. To help contribute to this definition you can post your definition here



An Artbot is a bot designed specifically if not mainly for cosmetic looks. Not designed for hard combat most of the time these bots are for looks and mainly used in Team Death Match only.



Dealing 25% or more damage to an enemy awards you an assist, if someone else kills them. It is worth just as much as a kill in the bonus engine



A term commonly used to describe when a player goes around the map constantly attacking the enemy reactor and nothing else



A dream


Battle Arena

(Battle Arena is the same thing as League Arena, but does not affect you league rank.)

Battle mode is Robocraft stepping into its MOBA shoes, hence this is one of two game modes where respawning and overclocking are active. Several objectives are unique to this game mode, such as overclocking, and capturing fusion towers. A team wins when the enemy's protonium reactor is depleted. This is accomplished when all attached Protonium Crystals are destroyed. This is the only game mode where players can earn a ranked placement in the league system. Currently, games can last anywhere from 5 to 20+ minutes depending on the CPU and skill level of the teams. However, the fusion shields that protect the protonium reactor are disabled after 20 minutes. Due to the greater number of mechanics at play, many more strategies are available and teamwork is even more crucial for this gamemode.



Stands for Bad Game. Typed in after someone plays a poor game, most commonly said after games of "Seal Clubbing"


Blink Module

Blink Module

This module is designed for fast travel around the map. Allowing you to Blink forward where ever your crosshair is, this module is perfect for escaping enemies, covering ground in quick bursts and other cool ways



As opposed to damage redirection, commonly known as triforcing, this building style relies on the sheer number of blocks for protection and minimal thought in where damage goes. Variations of this exist using walker legs (Legspam, due to their high health) and rotors (Rotorspam, due to their size and redundancy).



To increase the potential of a certain object in the game like a weapon thus making it more powerful


C6 - Carbon 6

In lore, a company producing weapons, thrusters and decal blocks. In reality, a GC feature allowing for some neat looks in return for monetization. Decal blocks are available for high RP, just as normal C6 colour blocks were before Phase 1



Staying at various spot (usually a single spot) and helping the team push from afar either through providing anti-air support or ground cover fire.
Common term for when a player or even player(s) dominate a certain area of the map by staying there and not moving


Cap (Capping)

Either sitting on the Team Death Match base platform of the enemy team (which causes the red side of the bar at the top of the screen to increase), or damaging a tower by shooting at it in Battle Arena



Stands for Center of Gravity. This is the point at where all forces due to gravity are equally balanced



Stands for Center of Lift. Similar to Center of Mass, this is the average position of lift capabilities in a system



Stands for Center of Mass. It is the average position of all the mass in a system. In a rigid body, the center of mass is always in the same place


Connection points

Points on robots (vehicles) that where parts of the robot will be disconnected, and therefore fall off, when destroyed. These are also present on Towers and the Reactors in Battle Arena


Copter (Helicopter)

A robot that uses rotor blades as it’s main movement type. See Helicopter.



Cosmetics are special items used to decorate your bot. These items are only available for GC



Stands for Center of Thrust. Similar to Center of Mass, this is the average position of thrust, and where it is applied to



Fire that degrades the performance of an enemy force below the level needed to fulfill their mission. In this case it usually means to prevent friendly bots from getting blown