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Updated by Techsoft Blogger on Feb 05, 2016
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Is Mobile Web App Development The Right Choice for SMEs

Mobile web apps have provided a helping hand to small enterprises and given them a new dimension to grow their business. As developing mobile web apps is cheaper than developing apps natively. Explore the links below to know more.

The 'Native vs. Web' Mobile App Conundrum: Handling Offline -- ADTmag

It's an eternal back-and-forth tug of war between native vs. Web apps in the mobile development arena. Announcements of major companies switching from one to the other abound. As do surveys claiming to show one approach is currently in favor amongst the coding masses (just pay attention to who conducted the survey and, perhaps, why -- is there "skin in the game"?).

5 Reasons why SMBs should build Mobile Web Apps

As an SMB owner, at some point you may have to invest in developing a mobile application to improve customer retention. Irrespective of what product/service you sell, a mobile app is a necessity in this digital age.

Can We Please Stop Fighting The Native vs. Web App Wars?

James Long, a developer at Mozilla (and proponent of the web), insists that the mobile Web will never compete with native app development. Ever. While Long is intentionally provocative with his prophecies, he may also be correct. At the same time, it's increasingly clear that this debate does not matter.

Mobile App v/s Mobile Web: One-third Users Prefer Both, But Bats For Operability - Dazeinfo

The current mobile ecosystem has undergone several changes since the era of smartphones, touch-enabled devices, have changed the way in which people perform tasks that were usually done through a PC or a Laptop. Everything from buying tickets, to shopping, to making reservations and browsing through emails is now being done through smartphones.

Native apps crushed mobile Web apps -- and that's a good thing

Remember the debate a few years back about whether apps should be native to each platform or made universally available through a single Web app? Well, the native app has won that debate. ( Sorry, Jon Udell!) Thank goodness! But Web apps still have a place, albeit not as the main solution you should use.

Is a mobile app better than a mobile website? | AppPresser

Mobile website vs. mobile app can be a heated debate. Many people feel that you don't need a mobile app, you just need a website that looks good on mobile devices. Others say that mobile apps have benefits that a website cannot provide. Who is right?