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Updated by Oldham Orthodontics on Feb 05, 2016
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5 of the best things about having clear aligners

Clear aligners such as Invisalign are becoming a more and more popular choice for people wanting to create a better smile. Why is this the case? These are the top reasons people choose to have clear aligners over some of the more traditional brace alternatives.


They straighten your teeth

They straighten your teeth

Well, obviously if they didn't do the job, they wouldn't be so popular. What we mean is that they do the job effectively, with regular bespoke corrections from your professional, these clear aligners move teeth into the right position, improving appearance, bite and confidence too.


No one can see them

This has to be one of the pluses for the treatment. No metal wires on display, the clear aligners blend in with your teeth and are barely visible, which, particularly as an adult, is something most of us would prefer.


They are comfortable

They are comfortable

Patient feedback is that this form of corrective wear is comfortable. Yes, there is some pressure in the mouth - there has to be, but it is not painful to wear a clear aligner over a period of time.


They are removable

Many braces are fixed, and this means there can be complications with teeth and brace cleaning, and, of course, with eating. Clear aligners are not fixed, so they can be taken out for meal times and there is none of the unpleasant experience of having bits of food stuck in your brace. As mealtimes are only a small part of anyone's day, the removal of the aligners will not impact on their effectiveness.


You can see the final result before you begin

Part of the Invisalign experience is that it begins with a treatment plan and provides virtual results for each patient. Having visible evidence of how you will look at the end of the treatment is a real motivator, and will help you achieve that perfect smile.