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Updated by WhatUsersDo on Feb 05, 2016
Headline for Flashback Friday (Feb 1-5): Best Articles in UX, Design & Ecommerce This Week
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Flashback Friday (Feb 1-5): Best Articles in UX, Design & Ecommerce This Week

What's the best of the web this week? We cherry-picked the most interesting articles on UX, Design, Ecommerce, Product & Digital Marketing from around the web. And please share this with your colleagues and friends. Who knows, this could be something to talk about when you're back in the office on Monday. Happy reading!

Mobile Usability: Allow Users to 'Search Within' Their Current Category (94% Don't)

By Christian Holst
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During our mobile e-commerce usability study we observed that more than 50% of users tried to "search within" their currently navigated category path, in an attempt to "filter the product list on my screen with a search query". Yet, 94% of mobile e-commerce sites do not support such behaviour - and will instead perform a site-wide search query.

The List of UX Tools to Rule Them All

By Craig Sullivan
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The list of UX Tools to rule them all. Please tell me about any new tools, so I can see if they're useful and fit here.

Turning Stubborn Stakeholders into UX Allies in 3 Easy Steps

By Sarah Doody
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Great design is a collaboration. Great products are created when a team comes together, identifies and embraces a true problem or opportunity, and then allows each member to execute based on their specific expertise. Everyone gets a chance to shine.

3 Types of Product Management

By Daniel Demetri
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Firstly, what is Product Management? It's oddly hard to get a straight answer to this question. Let alone a succinct one. The most common explanation looks like this one: If someone asked you, "What is the Statue of Liberty?" would you answer, "It's between Manhattan, Jersey City, and Governor's Island?"

Tick-Tock: How the UX of Waiting Can Positively Impact Users

By Colleen Roller
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If I were to ask someone what they like best about Google search, I suspect they'd cite its speed. No question, Google searches are fast. And these days, fast is good. But is speed the most important thing? Is it possible, for example, for an online tool to be too fast?

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