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Top 05 Beach Exploratory Activities to do in Maldives - A list of things everyone can enjoy

Jet across the glittering Indian Ocean on a speedboat or go down under to explore the enchanting sea world, even better simply lay on the beach sipping your favourite cocktail. Maldives has plenty of surprises to make your holiday a fabulous one so make sure you experience the best of what it offers.



You can decide at what time of the day you prefer to go out to sea whether it's at sunrise, sunset or during the day – it's your choice! Fishing in the aquamarine waters of Maldives can be an adventurous experience. You can set out to sail on a full range charter fishing boat or a luxury yacht. However for a more localized experience head out to sea on a Maldivian dhoni which is a traditional wooden boat, usually controlled and owned by local fishermen. The best part of fishing in Maldives is that you will not be disappointed since you are sure to catch some type of fish during your trip. At the end of your trip you can stopover at a secluded island and relish a barbecued meal of your day's catch.


Submarine Ride

This may not give the same experience as diving or snorkeling, however it's something that everyone can do whether you are young or young at heart, abled or disabled. 99% of Maldives consists of water so most of the excitement happens in the world underwater. The Whale Submarine, which is one of the largest passenger submarines in the world, takes you 120ft below the surface. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity since passenger submarines are not commonly available in the world, and you also have a chance of going under the Indian Ocean without getting wet!


Island Hopping

There are 1192 coral islands combined in 26 atolls in the Maldives, and there is no better place to go Island hopping than in this magnificent archipelago. Each island you stopover will give you a unique experience. The ones inhabited by locals will help to discover the Maldivian way of life. In these islands you can interact with locals and learn about their distinct culture. You will get a chance to see traditional dance and musical acts performed to welcome visitors. Localized souveniers can be picked up during your excursion since there are plenty of gifted craftsmen and artisans selling various handicrafts. In the secluded islands you can stopover for a meal and enjoy the scenery. You can also dive and snorkel as you please in the crystal clear lagoons of these untouched islands.



The warm Indian Ocean surrounding Maldives is one of the most cherished diving spots in the world. Whether you are staying in best hotels Maldives or not you can get the best diving experience during your visit. However, some of the top hotels such as Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi offer visitors access to immaculate beaches around the island allowing them a better diving experience. The breathtaking underwater scenery will just blow you away, with over a thousand species of fish and other marine creatures your time underwater will definitely be unforgettable.


Dolphin and Whale Watching

Maldives ranks among the top five places in the world for whale and dolphin watching. You find over twenty species of these magnificent sea creatures around the island. Spinner dolphins are a common sight here; however spotting a mighty blue whale during a tour is not surprising. The feeling of excitement when a magnificent whale surges through the water is an indescribable experience make sure you include this in your list of things to do!