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Why Outsourcing To B2B Lead Generation Firms Is Best Recommended

Many companies these days especially those that are engaging in b2b or business to business transactions are having a hard time trying to be impressive to the eyes of their bigger accounts. They have to “look good” all the time and they know that one of the best ways to “look, feel and smell good” to these big-time company clients of theirs is to give themselves a chance to know more about these potential customers.

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Can Outsourced Appointment Setting Services Have An Impact On Productivity?

It is not very easy for any company especially those that belong to the software industry to enjoy huge productivity in terms of gaining huge sales revenues and one of the reasons why it is not that easy and convenient for them is because of the stiff and fierce competition that each of these software companies are experiencing.

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5 Successful Email Marketing Tips for Your Malaysian Campaign

When doing business in Malaysia, it is important to use a proven marketing tool to improve the chances of getting qualified sales leads and email marketing is one of them.Here are some tips that will help you make it through email marketing.

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The True Meaning Of Home-Based Lead Generation

I know that this may sound weird for some marketers and business managers, but outsourcing your work to professional lead generation firms brings up images of people hunched in front of their computers in the basement, generating more sales leads for you while the laundry is running or the pasta on the stove is simmering.

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Where There Is Sales Lead Generation, Surely, There Will Be Huge Sales

Lead generation can really put any business on the right path to financial success, that is, if it is done properly according by the book. There is no shortcut in doing lead generation to generate marketing leads and sales leads and hopefully turn them into qualified leads.

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If Content Is King, Then, Conversation Is The Ace In The Deck Of Lead Generation

Yes, content is really the "King". But, if he wants to generate qualified leads, conversation is the "Ace" in the deck of lead generation campaign.

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B2B Lead Generation Content Tip: Charm your Readers

There’s something about blogs that could either keep us or drive us away. When that certain ‘x factor’ is missing, a reader would usually just start reading a few words then suddenly would skim over paragraphs very quickly until he decides to click on the back button just like that.

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How To Close A B2B Lead Generation Deal In Five Ways

For a marketer, turning sales leads into successfully closed business deals is a challenge that not many marketers can successfully pull off.As for those who are having a hard time finding the right employees, but are really in need of closing deals, you can always try following these simple tips:

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Increasing Productivity In Today’s Appointment Setting Processes

We can say that we know the many ways to improve our productivity on the B2B leads generation floor, but to maintain a constant satisfactory performance throughout the day, every day of the work week, for extend periods of time, can be a daunting mission.There are some things that you can do that will help make your marketing campaign consistently good for longer periods of time. And here is how you do it:

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Compete In B2B Lead Generation Better (Without Reducing Prices) In Malaysia

In any business transaction, especially where a sale is to be made, price will always be the top concern.Read on and you will learn a few tricks of the marketing business:

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Should You Outsource Your Lead Generation Campaign?

Face it, you just cannot do everything on your own. There is a limit to what the human body can take. Besides, no one has ever succeeded (physically) in being at two places at the same time. It is the same thing with lead generation. And in terms of skills, you just cannot be knowledgeable it all aspects of your business. You might be good at customer service, but a little stumped when generating sales leads. A little help might be in order, like outsourcing to a professional marketing agency. Inside sales can be a bit complicated, so some expert assistance will be needed. But how will that help your business?

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Redefining Lead Generation With SEO Marketing

Once you have established your presence in the Internet, and search engine results appear to be favorable, then it is the time for you to engage in a more aggressive sales campaign.

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How To Create A Positive Business Image In Lead Generation

For a lead generation campaign to be successful, you need to create a powerful image in the minds of your business prospects. Now that is a challenge that a lot of marketers are trying to solve. It can make all the difference in their ability to generate qualified B2B leads in the market.

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A Comprehensive Guide for Content Marketing in Malaysia this 2016

There’s about 2 million content published over the web in just one day - what makes your content stand out?


Where To Get Quality Business Leads For Your Telemarketing Campaign

Your telemarketing campaign may be adequate right now, but to get the best possible results from your campaigns, you need to have all the factors that comprise a great business to business telemarketing campaign. Securing a good telemarketing script for lead generation and hiring reliable, experienced b2b telemarketers need one more thing to complete the process: a highly targeted telemarketing business list.

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What To Do When Starting Lead Generation

Learn how to conduct lead generation campaign and successfully generate B2B leads with this 3 simple pointers.

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The Greatest Marketing Strategy Question: Inbound or Outbound?

For a campaign to earn its success, it is important for a business decision-maker to know which method would prove the best. Would you use the inbound techniques in SEO and social media, or would you put more focus on the outbound methods of traditional advertising, direct mail and phone calls? Here are the following considerations that will guide you in creating a successful marketing plan.

How To Improve Customer Retention For Better Lead Generation In Ten Ways

If there is one activity that a lot of marketers tend to overlook in a lead generation campaign, it is trying to retain your current business prospects.

Four Things That Demotivate Your Inside Sales Team

The most important assets that you need in your inside sales campaign would be the people tasked to do it. I mean, it would not be possible to generate B2B leads if there is no one manning the front liners, getting in touch with business prospects and trying to set an appointment between them and you. It is very important to know what you can do to motivate your lead generation team.

What Will Make Telecommuting Work In Lead Generation?

When you want to improve your lead generation process, you need to use different marketing and business tactics to maximize your performance. One of the most popular methods you can employ is through telecommuting.

Will Google’s NoFollow Link Policy Kill Your SEO? Not if you follow these tips

At one point or another, marketing teams resort to using techniques that are generally frowned upon by the online community. It will probably take a long time until the marketing realm is totally rid of these so-called “black hat” strategies, but Google is determined in its crusade against stopping it once and for all.

Search Engine Optimization is a Continuous Process

The main reason for this promotion is the fact that ‘out of sight is out of mind’. This is why, it is essential to maintain the visibility of the business enterprise in the eyes of the potential customers.

Lead Nurture Tool Demo: See How You Can Launch A Multi-Channel Campaign in Minutes! (Video)

Launch multi-channel, multi-step campaigns in minutes! Our Lead Nurturing Tool is seamlessly integrated with the Callbox Pipeline so you can see all of the touchpoints generated through your automated Lead Nurturing schemes alongside other manual touchpoints, giving you a complete picture of each lead with information on current status and contact history.

Giant Software Company Finds Callbox at the End of Quest for Sustainable Marketing Solution

A well-known software manufacturer with 60 offices in 23 countries and a worldwide customer base of more than 100,000. Since its founding in 1987, it has developed, manufactured, and supported software products used by IT professionals for application management, database management, virtualization, cloud automation, and back-up and recovery solutions.

Software Company Transforms Marketing Activities after Using Callbox

A leading supplier of shipping software and IT solutions. Based in Singapore, it has more than 100 employees serving over 200 clients worldwide. Its IT solutions are being used by well-known customers around the world, mostly shipping companies, liner agents, short sea carriers, NVOCCs, terminals, and depots.