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Long Term Investment

Long Term Investment

A lot of debate and discussion goes around comparing high frequency trading with long term investments. There are various sentiments in the market from long term investors regarding HFT. Instead of going into a debate of what is good or bad that is a highly subjective, let us look at some facts about HFT and long term investment.

Quantitative Trader

It is a rapid prototyping environment where enthusiasts can explore various technical indicators with minimum effort. It offers charting facilities that is not available elsewhere in R. Quantmod package makes modeling easier and analysis simple. This article is intended to present some functions of quantmod using sample market data. The features of quantmod are presented in three sections, downloading data, charting, technical indicators and other functions.

Option Greeks

Learn how to use the Option Greeks to turn losing trades into profitable ones at

Algorithmic & quantitative trading webinar

This webinar gives a brief introduction to Algorithmic Trading followed by the changing skill sets that are required in the new age trading business by mapping the required skill sets. This is followed by Industry trends in Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading. It also gives a detailed view of how Quantinsti's Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading programme: Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading can assist the participants aspiring to enter the domain of Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading.

One of my primary income streams today is my employee salary. This is the main and only income stream for majority of people in the US. The problem is, I generate it from one employer, so if they don’t like me, this stream will end. So I am at the mercy of the employer at some level. The goal is to diversify away from relying 100% on this stream.

Intestinal fortitude

One thing every early stage investor says is “we invest in people first”. You hear it again and again in different formats. Do you bet on the jockey or the horse? Professor Steve Kaplan did research and found at seed you must bet on teams.

Making Initial Public Offering Soon

McGrath Holding, one of the largest real estate companies in Australia is planning to make its share market debut by the month of December this year. The company has already started the preparations for the initial public offering. Sources close to the company have told that the company is trying to make the market value of A$282 million, which is equal to $307 million. The existing investors in the company are also feeling happy about the move of McGrath as they can make some money by selling their shares in the McGrath.

Coffee day enterprises

The largest coffee chain operator of India, Coffee day enterprises has made a fund of Rs. 1150 crores in the IPO which was closed on October 16th. The company has told initially that the price band for the share was fixed to be from Rs. 316 to 328. In the IPO, the company has fixed the price of each share to be Rs. 328. And this price has brought a huge fund of Rs. 1150 crores in the over subscribed IPO. The demand for the shares has increased a lot and hence the company has fixed the price for each share at the upper band.

Italy raises $3.8 billion through IPO

The Italian government has raised $3.8 billion in the Poste IPO. Last Friday, the Italian government has completed its sale for minority stakes in the postal service Poste Italiane. The service is getting privatized slowly and thus the Prime Minister of the country, Matteo Renzi is trying to convince the foreign investors for the investment in their postal service. This government owned service will soon be privatized and this is the largest sale that the government has ever done. This IPO has raised a fund of $3.8 billion, which is much needed cash for the government now. The business was valued to be $8.8 billion.

Quantitative Finance Jobs

Current stock market has reached to the stage where the human intervention is completely erased by the algorithmic trading. 70% of trades in US are program driven trades and in Europe it is approx. 40%. In India, one third of the exchange trades are done through algorithmic trading in both the segments.

Algorithmic Trading System

Algorithmic automated trading or Algorithmic Trading has been at the centre-stage of the trading world for a few years now. The percentage of volumes attributed to this form of trading has been increasing in the past few years. As a result, it has become a highly competitive market that is heavily dependent on technology.

Algorithmic Trading and Marketers

This is the era of algorithmic trading and marketers know well that the future of the industry lies in this. It is sure that the speed is going to be the main element of the market in the coming eras and this algorithmic trading which enables the maximum speed in trade is going to be the key feature of every stock exchange. While this is the scenario, there are certain things to be noted when it comes to algorithmic trading. Understanding and clearing every hindrance in the algorithmic trading now will let us have a clear path for it in near time.

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